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Insider Insights: Navigating Today’s Talent Acquisition Landscape

Danielle McClowMarch 19, 2024AdTechAnalyticsAssessmentsCandidate ExperienceCareer SitesCRMEmployer BrandingEmployer Value PropositionProgrammatic AdvertisingRecruitment CampaignsSocial and Content Marketing

In a recent webinar on the state of recruitment marketing, industry experts Simon Phillips, Mark Hogan, Kara Polk, and Mike Drayer discussed top findings from The State of Recruitment Marketing in 2024 report; these are their findings … 

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The current state of talent acquisition 

Adapt to evolving market trends

The evolution of the job market, especially in the technology sector, underscores the importance of adapting recruitment strategies to changing trends. Organizations must stay agile and responsive to market dynamics to remain competitive in attracting top talent.

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Understand budget constraints and resource limitations

With a competitive job market and fluctuating unemployment rates, organizations must prioritize strategic investments to optimize recruitment efforts. However, 66% of talent acquisition and human resource professionals cited limited resources as a significant challenge in talent acquisition. 

Narrow the recruitment funnel for intended ROI 

In response to market dynamics, organizations are narrowing their talent acquisition funnels and focusing on intended ROI. Rather than maximizing reach, there’s a shift towards attracting the right candidates for specific roles, ensuring alignment with business priorities. This approach requires a more targeted recruitment strategy and closer scrutiny of talent analytics.

Eliminate manual processes and gain data visibility 

Inefficient manual processes and inadequate visibility into talent data pose significant obstacles, with only 22% rating their data visibility as "excellent". Addressing these challenges requires a holistic approach to integrating technology solutions seamlessly into talent acquisition.

Responding to the current state of recruitment marketing technologies and services 

Strategic alignment and technology integration

Talent acquisition is no longer about individual solutions but rather a complex ecosystem of integrated technologies

  • Integrating technology solutions, such as career sites and CRM systems, can enhance visibility and reach in talent acquisition efforts. However, technology adoption must align with the organization’s EVP and deliver consistent, compelling messaging across all touchpoints.
  • AdTech and MarTech are complementary in driving candidate awareness and engagement throughout the talent acquisition funnel. Integrating AdTech and MarTech enables organizations to establish a consistent candidate experience and enhance the effectiveness of recruitment strategies.

Employer value proposition (EVP) as a guide 

The EVP serves as a guiding principle for all candidate and employee experiences within an organization. By aligning recruitment efforts, qualification processes, and retention strategies with the EVP, organizations can deliver on their promises to employees and candidates alike. A cohesive EVP-driven approach ensures that the employer brand reflects the reality of working within the organization, driving positive perceptions and enhancing retention rates. An EVP is an evolving entity that needs to be evaluated constantly with input from your actual employees. 

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Strategic AdTech investment

AdTech solutions offer a strategic approach to talent acquisition, enabling organizations to optimize their advertising campaigns and reach the right candidates efficiently. Despite budget constraints, investing strategically in AdTech can yield significant returns by targeting the right audience and driving higher ROI. 

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The importance of talent assessments

Effective qualification of candidates is crucial for driving better and higher quality hires, as identified by 73% of C-level executives. However, there is a perceived challenge among 45% of TA leaders, who believe that qualification processes introduce friction to the hiring process. Strategic use of talent assessments can mitigate these challenges by automating qualification processes while maintaining the quality of hire. Organizations can optimize their qualification processes and reduce candidate drop-off by leveraging technology-rich solutions and aligning with the candidate experience.

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Talent assessments and the impact on retention

Retention is a critical aspect of talent acquisition, with turnover costs ranging from 90 to 200 percent of an employee’s salary. Talent assessments are vital in driving retention by ensuring candidates are well-suited for their roles and aligned with the organization’s culture and values. Backed by science and technology, strategic talent assessments enable organizations to predict future performance and identify candidates with long-term potential. Organizations can reduce turnover and enhance employee engagement and satisfaction by integrating assessments seamlessly into the talent acquisition process.

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