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Maximize your talent network, from candidates to employees. Uncover deep insights using assessments to better understand and apply talent skills, competencies, behaviors, and more.
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Activate your talent network with science-backed assessments, uncovering deep insights

Power your candidate selection process with objective, data-driven assessments. Choose the best candidate for the job by assessing skills and competencies, as well as behavioral attributes and cognitive aptitudes.

Bring talent into focus

With objective insights into candidates and employees, talent teams easily gain a clear and complete picture of their talent network and staffing or skills gaps. Assessments are convenient with self-guided questions for users and interview templates and CRM workflow integration for talent teams.

Predict job performance and fit

Look beyond the resume to measure the soft skills that predict performance and fit. Identify behavioral styles, cognitive aptitudes, preferences, and tendencies for engagement throughout the employee lifecycle.

Enhance candidate selection

Get an objective view into a candidate’s skills, competencies, and culture fit. Leverage assessments and realistic simulations to make the candidate selection process easier and more comprehensive.
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Make better talent decisions

Over 500 assessments, with personalized recommendations
Get to know your talent across a wide range of variables that include job knowledge, technical skills, behaviors, cognitive ability, and more.
With more than 500 assessments available to them, talent teams can be confident they will have the right assessment for the job and individual. Get personalized recommendations to narrow down your library of assessments to only the most valuable for your team.

Valuable integrations for a seamless experience

With proven integrations connecting Symphony Talent with a company’s CRM, ATS, or other system, talent acquisition workflows run smoother so talent teams work smarter.

Enhanced candidate and recruiter experience
Our assessments are backed by decades of experience and science-based methodologies, ensuring high accuracy and usability.
We designed these assessments to be easy to use by candidates and quickly understood by talent acquisition teams. With minimal time and effort invested in adopting or taking an assessment, talent teams can ensure a positive experience across all stakeholders.

Behavioral, cognitive, skills, and knowledge assessments

Gain an objective and unbiased view into your candidates and employees with targeted assessments that focus on behaviors, personality traits, cognitive aptitudes, skills, and knowledge. Our talent assessments are backed by more than 100 years of scientific research from the I/O psychology field and more than 30 years of real-world application to ensure accuracy and optimal value. 

Leverage talent assessments to predict job performance and fit by identifying behavioral styles, preferences, and tendencies for engagement throughout the talent lifecycle. ​

Take a test drive with the below sample tests.

Key Roles and Verticals | Microsoft Simulations | Basic Skills Assessments | Behavioral and Cognitive

Build customized talent assessments with Test Builder

Enhance your qualification process by creating and publishing custom talent assessments that best suit your specific needs. For example, teams can create custom items with images or video capabilities, control the order of items and individual test sections, include intuitive workflows and timers, and more.

Interested in becoming a talent assessment partner or reseller?

Join our global partner network, providing guidance and assistance to teams that want to better understand and leverage their candidate’s capabilities to positively affect organizational success.

Our partner/reseller program enables you to increase your product offering and increase sales by providing the best value through our comprehensive catalog, easy configuration, and aggressive pricing.

Recruitment events

Make your recruitment events a breeze for both candidates and recruitment teams with tools to centralize, manage and automate events at scale.
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Analytics and insights

Analytics centralizes every source in your strategy within a single data structure to follow the complete path of every candidate.
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Internal mobility sites

With an internal career site, employees can engage with the brand, explore opportunities, and apply for open roles with ease.
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Accurate insights and performance indicators support enhanced candidate qualifications and improved retention

Ensure you have the right talent in the right positions at the right time. Assessments can help you get there.
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How we support your talent assessments implementation

Start with best practices

Our approach is built on a foundation of best practices so you start smart on Day One.

Customized to your organization

We align with your unique needs to ensure data, workflows and process are built in and ready to go

Configured, validated, delivered

We validate and test each configuration before delivering to ensure a smooth implementation

Training your teams

We provide training for your teams as well as a dedicated Customer Success Manager for ongoing support.

Receive priority status, strategic advisory, and concierge care with Premium Support

Premium Support: Silver

What’s included:

  • Dedicated technical project manager (TPM)
  • Bi-weekly update and strategy meetings with your TPM
  • 10 hours of standard enhancement requests per month 
  • 10 hours of TPM support and advisory
  • Prioritization of tasks and support requests with concierge care

Premium Support: Gold

What’s included:

  • Dedicated technical project manager (TPM)
  • Weekly update and strategy meetings with your TPM
  • 15 hours of standard enhancement requests per month 
  • 15 hours of TPM support and advisory
  • Prioritization of tasks and support requests with concierge care

Premium Support: Platinum

What’s included:

  • Dedicated technical project manager (TPM)
  • Up to two update and strategy meetings per week with your TPM 
  • 30 hours of standard enhancement requests per month 
  • 30 hours of TPM support and advisory
  • Prioritization of tasks and support requests with concierge care

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Develop stronger relationships

Strong relationships and connections lead to better talent engagement and higher conversions.
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Determine right-fit talent

Don’t settle for just anyone, find the right person who will be successful, with the help of assessments, data insights, and more.
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Build connections
Strong relationships and connections lead to better talent engagement and higher conversions.
Assess qualifications
Take the guesswork out of candidate selection with an objective view into a candidate’s skills, competencies, and culture fit.
Boost retention
Create more opportunities for the talent you hire to become loyal brand advocates who choose to grow with your organization.

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Bring your EVP to life through powerful insights, creative, and validated messaging that connects with the talent you seek to attract and retain.
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Candidates and employees are proactively engaging with companies across multiple channels. If organizations aren’t present, they’re not considered. We can help.
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Leverage effective campaigns that flex across multiple channels, audiences, and touchpoints to drive impact and applications.
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Manage your Employer Brand for impact and effectiveness. Together we clarify your differentiators to connect with the right talent.
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