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Attract and convert top talent, faster, with the power of AdTech. Activate, optimize, and manage all recruitment campaigns on a single platform, with deep data insights and automated workflows to deliver results with ease.
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Increase your job and brand advertising agility to reach more top talent and meet hiring goals

AdTech is the perfect blend of programmatic jobs pay-per-click, search engine marketing, targeted brand advertising, remarketing, candidate nurturing, demand generation, and full-funnel analytics

Self-optimizing recruitment campaigns

Maintain direct control over your advertising, with dedicated human expertise, smart automation, and AI as your sidekick — adapting and optimizing around the clock — to deliver optimal results based on your unique goals and parameters. Buying decisions are always based on performance, so you get the best results for your goals.

Holistic, candidate-first recruitment strategy

Attract and engage with candidates on a deeper, more meaningful level. Our AdTech solution leverages data to connect with your candidates as individuals, not just another data point.

Enhanced visibility with actionable insights

Quickly and confidently make decisions based on clear performance data with a single recruitment marketing data structure across advertising, organic, career site, email, SMS, applications, and hires.
Case study

While it’s important to always stay true to your employer brand, flexibility in how you reach your goals is critical when navigating change and uncertainty.

Sara Erickson
Recruitment Marketing Manager
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Expand your talent network without adding more work for your talent team

No manual work to manage job advertisements

With proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence, the AdTech system automatically conducts necessary research for your open position and manages a sophisticated, auto-optimizing recruitment marketing campaign to drive applicants and ROI. No manual effort required.

Partner with a strategic advisor, not just another vendor

Beyond smart technology, we ensure you always have a strategic advisor on your side to help you optimize your recruitment marketing and job advertising campaigns. With unparalleled experience in the AdTech space, we have a solid foundation that delivers a proven omnichannel approach to AdTech that delivers results, consistently. We aren’t just another vendor, we are your partner in talent acquisition success.

Simplified management, billing, and contracts

More advertising doesn’t have to mean more complexity in its management. With Symphony Talent, you’ll always have a single home for ad management, billing, budgets, spending, and reporting, as well as direct API integrations with the HR systems you care about most.

Retain data ownership with full transparency

By collecting first-party data, you’ll never need to worry about third-party cookies or who owns your data — that ownership will always stay with you and you’ll always have complete data transparency.

Analytics and insights

Analytics centralizes every source in your strategy within a single data structure to follow the complete path of every candidate.
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Programmatic media advertising

Meet more right-fit candidates where they are, in a precise and meaningful way. With smart automation, teams can target campaigns as broad or narrow as needed, and adjust spend based on performance.
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Expertly target and attract more right-fit talent, at scale.

Let your job advertising work for you, with rich data insights and custom goal setting to automatically optimize and refine your recruitment marketing strategies and generate positive ROI.
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How we support your AdTech implementation

Start with best practices

Our approach is built on a foundation of best practices so you start smart on Day One.

Customized to your organization

We align with your unique needs to ensure data, workflows and process are built in and ready to go.

Configured, validated, delivered

We validate and test each configuration before delivering to ensure a smooth implementation.

Training your teams

We provide training for your teams as well as a dedicated Customer Success Manager for ongoing support.

Receive priority status, strategic advisory, and concierge care with Premium Support

Premium Support: Silver

What’s included:

  • Dedicated technical project manager (TPM)
  • Bi-weekly update and strategy meetings with your TPM
  • 10 hours of standard enhancement requests per month 
  • 10 hours of TPM support and advisory
  • Prioritization of tasks and support requests with concierge care

Premium Support: Gold

What’s included:

  • Dedicated technical project manager (TPM)
  • Weekly update and strategy meetings with your TPM
  • 15 hours of standard enhancement requests per month 
  • 15 hours of TPM support and advisory
  • Prioritization of tasks and support requests with concierge care

Premium Support: Platinum

What’s included:

  • Dedicated technical project manager (TPM)
  • Up to two update and strategy meetings per week with your TPM 
  • 30 hours of standard enhancement requests per month 
  • 30 hours of TPM support and advisory
  • Prioritization of tasks and support requests with concierge care

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Get in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message. The result? Greater brand awareness and expanded right-fit talent network.
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Strong relationships and connections lead to better talent engagement and higher conversions.
Assess qualifications
Take the guesswork out of candidate selection with an objective view into a candidate’s skills, competencies, and culture fit.
Boost retention
Create more opportunities for the talent you hire to become loyal brand advocates who choose to grow with your organization.

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Bring your EVP to life through powerful insights, creative, and validated messaging that connects with the talent you seek to attract and retain.
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Candidates and employees are proactively engaging with companies across multiple channels. If organizations aren’t present, they’re not considered. We can help.
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Leverage effective campaigns that flex across multiple channels, audiences, and touchpoints to drive impact and applications.
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Manage your Employer Brand for impact and effectiveness. Together we clarify your differentiators to connect with the right talent.
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Help candidates get questions answered about your company, open roles, and more through a friendly chatbot on your career website.
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