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The Art of Talent Attraction: EVP and Employer Brand

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Welcome to our 'The Art of Talent Attraction: Expert Tips in Recruitment Marketing' series. We kick off this series with a focus on the all-important employer value proposition (EVP) and employer brand. These two elements go hand in hand and should be reflected across all other areas of the recruitment process, as well as being a key focus in your recruitment marketing strategy. Once your EVP is established, you can spread the word through employer branding.   

Understanding EVP  

Your EVP is your secret weapon in attracting top talent. It is time to define the unique set of benefits and experiences you can offer your employees as an employer. A strong EVP is essential in differentiating your company from competitors in the job market. An effective EVP attracts talent and plays a significant role in employee retention. It is also a vital component of your overall recruitment marketing strategy, reinforcing your commitment to providing a fulfilling and rewarding work environment.   

Setting the standard: Establish your EVP   

Establishing your EVP involves some self-reflection: what value do you offer employees currently, and what would you like to offer? Do these match up, and more importantly, do they reflect your company's values?    

EVP goes beyond just salary and job benefits. It encompasses career development opportunities, company culture, and work-life balance. Communicating your EVP effectively through recruitment marketing platforms helps attract candidates who fit your company culture and values well. 

How to get started   

Begin by defining what your company stands for. What are your core values? What does the work environment look like? How are employees supported and encouraged to grow? It is important for organizations to seek input from all areas of the business so as to understand what employees really feel, and not just what HR or leadership thinks they may feel. Embedding these answers into your EVP ensures transparency amongst employees and candidates.   

Capturing your EVP   

Incorporating your EVP in all recruitment materials, from job postings to career pages and social media, ensures it is consistently presented to potential candidates. This is crucial in recruitment marketing, as it helps candidates understand what makes your company a unique and desirable workplace. This is where employer branding comes in.  

Shout about it: Does your employer branding reflect your EVP?   

Employer branding is more than a buzzword; it's the heart of a successful recruitment strategy. Your employer branding is only fit for purpose if it effectively communicates your company's culture and values to attract the best talent. 

In recruitment marketing, employer branding is critical in attracting top talent. It's about how you portray your company's culture, values, and working environment to the outside world. A strong employer brand attracts candidates but also increases employee retention.   

Employer branding top tips   

  • Using recruitment marketing technology to deliver targeted campaigns, share real employee stories and testimonials. These stories provide a glimpse into the daily life at your company and make your brand more relatable and appealing to potential candidates.   
  • Remember, a strong employer brand is about authenticity and consistency. It should be woven into every facet of your recruitment marketing content, from job postings to social media content, and it should accurately reflect what candidates can expect when they join your company. 

Consistency is key

To truly excel in recruitment marketing, it's crucial to ensure that your employer brand is not just a reflection of your EVP but its amplifier. Every tweet, every job post, and every employee story should echo the core tenets of your EVP, creating a consistent and authentic experience for every candidate who interacts with your brand.

Your EVP is the backbone of your recruitment efforts, outlining your workplace's unique benefits and experiences. It's a promise, a set of expectations that you set for your current and future employees. But a promise alone isn't enough. This is where your employer brand steps in – the voice broadcasts your EVP to the world. It's the stories you tell, the images you share, and the conversations you foster. Your employer brand brings your EVP to life, making it tangible and relatable for potential candidates. The journey to perfecting your EVP and employer brand is ongoing. It's about constant reflection, adaptation, and communication. It's about aligning your internal values with external perceptions and ensuring that every element of your recruitment marketing content is an accurate representation of what it means to be part of your organization.

In the next blog we will focus on the link between target audiences and compelling job descriptions.  

Learn more about employer branding and EVP.  

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