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The Power of On-Demand Interviewing Coupled with Candidate Relationship Management Software

Symphony TalentApril 24, 2024AssessmentsCandidate ExperienceQualificationRetention

Imagine a recruitment world where you had … 

  • A 10-minute audio introduction to every silver medalist in your CRM.
  • Or a 15-minute recorded video interview from your shortlist of engineers before sending them to a hiring manager for the initial phone call.
  • Or an effective way to automate screening for the 15 interested students who came to your virtual campus event. 

It'd be much less tedious for recruiters and hiring managers to qualify talent when video and audio responses are built directly into the contact record. The imagined world can be a reality with on-demand video interviews.

On-demand video interviewing isn't a new concept, but ours takes an innovative approach. Most importantly, it's part of SFX, our candidate relationship management (CRM) solution. We built on-demand video interviewing within our CRM to enhance the laborious process of resume reviewing and phone screening most recruiters have accepted as the industry standard.

Our virtual, streamlined video and audio interview module modernizes the screening process with a conversational user interface (UI) and helps recruiters meet talent sooner, at scale.

On-demand interviews strengthen talent qualification

How many resumes do you sift through? And how many actually stand out as memorable? Recruiters can learn and remember much more about a candidate by watching a short video, leading to better and faster qualification of candidates.

And here's the thing: on-demand interviewing isn't just proactive skill checking. It also builds a more robust candidate profile for the future, all in one place.

The recordings live in the candidate's profile in the CRM and are easily rankable and sortable.

Once you create the assessment from a list of templates, you can send it via CRM workflows to targeted audiences, and each candidate can complete it on their own time. The interview then lives in the CRM and is rankable and sortable, breathing life into your pipelines beyond the resume.

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On-demand video interviews save recruiters time

On-demand interviewing reduces wasted effort, ensuring that recruiters are not only qualifying applicants pre-apply but also qualifying pipelines. That means marketing more open jobs to the right people in your database and more qualified applicants. 

The old way of phone screening hundreds of people is extremely time-consuming. A 10-minute phone call to screen 60 applicants for a position would take a recruiter 10 hours.  With on-demand video interviews, candidates complete the interviews at their convenience. Because the platform will auto-assign an initial score to the assessment based on keywords mentioned, it's easy to filter out candidates who don't match vital criteria. Then, recruiters only need to review the top-matched applicants at times convenient for them — say goodbye to scheduling conflicts. 

Recruiter benefits of on-demand video interviews include: 

  • On-demand interviews introduce you to potential teammates without the headache of matching up candidate, recruiter and hiring manager schedules.
  • Audio-only option to screen candidate answers and deliver recommendations without bias.
  • Pre-configured, role-based question sets streamline hiring for specific roles or high-volume.
  • Custom interview builder and easy access to an interview template library with 500+ questions.

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Video interviews are more approachable for candidates 

In 2024, video will make up 91% of all internet traffic, 90% of buyers say video helps them make decisions, and the average internet user will consume over 100 minutes of online video content daily. These data points show that video is a trending, increasingly consumable format that people prefer to use daily.  Therefore,  the process will be familiar to candidates who are acquainted with video, which is increasing year-over-year with remote and hybrid work and video usage trends. 

On the other hand, you may have concerns about candidates who aren't tech-savvy. For these candidates, the concept of on-demand interviewing might feel unnatural and intimidating. Our design team created the UI with those people in mind, ensuring the experience would be as comfortable and conversational as possible. Our video interviewing solution is simple and user-friendly, with a colorful palette that looks like your favorite app. 

Top candidate benefits of on-demand video interviews include: 

  • Candidates can complete the video interviews independently and re-record until they are satisfied with their responses (you can’t do that in real life!) 
  • Candidates are guided by conversational prompts and recorded responses, simplifying the process. 
  • Candidates recognize your employer brand since you customize welcome and thank-you videos. 

Not only do on-demand video interviews create a more seamless, convenient candidate experience, but they also empower recruiters and hiring teams to make smarter hiring decisions. 

On-demand interviewing empowers better decisions

By utilizing on-demand video interviews (a type of talent assessment), recruiters can go beyond the limitations of traditional interviews (and conscious and unconscious biases) and surface a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s potential fit within the organization. In most cases, talent assessments — conducted virtually and demanding only minutes — provide valuable data and insights that help recruiters make more informed decisions regarding talent selection faster and with greater confidence.

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On-demand video interviews are the future, delivering impressive ROI 

Resumes simply aren't the best way to analyze and understand potential hires. Plus, turnover and wrong fits cost businesses millions of dollars each year because teams are hiring too quickly or hiring on insufficient information, filling pipelines off of static resumes that may or may not be read or even accurate.

When talent assessments (like on-demand video interviews) are implemented correctly and supported with a clear and consistent brand story, they can provide tremendous value to individuals and their respective employers. Talent assessments are a proven, science-backed method for evaluating candidates and employees to drive better performance, engagement, and retention. The impact of Symphony Talent's Assessment Solutions is strategic and measurable. According to a third-party research firm that conducted independent research, Symphony Talent Assessment clients generated a 1000% ROI in one year.

Learn more about how on-demand video interviews can integrate into your talent acquisition processes.

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