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Six Benefits of Talent Assessments for Employee Selection

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In recent years, the concept of “work from anywhere” has become a reality. This newfound freedom shattered the chains keeping candidates pinned to specific locations, opening up a world of possibilities for job seekers and employers.

Although many talent acquisition professionals can now select the best talent from anywhere in the world, they have a new challenge: How can they attract, hire, and retain best-fit talent in a non-traditional hiring environment?

Talent acquisition technology offers a solution to simplify scheduling challenges and uncover deep insights to better understand talent skills, competencies, behaviors, and more: talent assessments and virtual, on-demand interviews. 

How talent assessments revolutionize recruitment

By utilizing talent assessments, recruiters can go beyond the limitations of traditional interviews and surface a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s potential fit within the organization. Talent assessments — conducted virtually and requiring only minutes, in most cases — provide valuable data and insights that help recruiters make more informed decisions regarding talent selection, faster and with greater confidence.

Talent assessments power your selection process with objective, data-driven insights. Your talent teams can choose the best candidate for the job by assessing skills, competencies, behavioral attributes, and cognitive aptitudes.

Talent assessments: 

  • Bring talent into focus. With objective insights into candidates and employees, talent teams easily gain a clear and complete picture of their talent network and staffing or skills gaps. 
  • Predict job performance and fit. Identify behavioral styles, cognitive aptitudes, preferences, and tendencies for engagement throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • Enhance the candidate selection. Leverage assessments and realistic simulations to make the candidate selection process easier and more comprehensive.

6 benefits of talent assessments for candidate selection

1. Embracing asynchronous interviewing tools

First, to alleviate scheduling challenges, asynchronous interviewing tools such as video interviewing allow recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate candidates’ recorded responses to interview questions, effectively replicating the experience of an in-person interview. By embracing such tools, organizations can maintain connections — from anywhere in the world — and say goodbye to logistical calendar mayhem.

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2. Expressing employee value proposition and branding

Talent assessments present an excellent opportunity for organizations to express their unique employer value proposition (EVP) and branding throughout the talent journey. By showcasing their company culture, values, and mission through assessments, organizations can evaluate candidates’ ethos and understanding of company goals, advancing talent through the funnel faster. This ensures that candidates align with the organization’s vision early in the recruitment process and can contribute positively to the company’s growth as an employee if hired.

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3. Expanding the talent pool

Talent assessments and on-demand interviews break down geographical barriers and enable organizations to tap into a wider talent pool. Organizations can access talent from across the globe by eliminating the need for candidates to travel for interviews or assessments. This expansion of the talent pool increases the likelihood of finding best-fit candidates with the right skills, experience, and cultural fit for the organization, regardless of their location.

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4. Harnessing multiple forms of assessment data

Looking for data and talent analytics that offer insights into a candidate’s future success? Talent assessments encompass various components, such as behavioral and cognitive ability assessments, simulations, and job knowledge tests. By leveraging these different assessment methods, organizations can gain comprehensive insights into a candidate’s capabilities, enabling them to make more informed hiring decisions and reduce the risk of a poor fit.

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5. Mitigating bias in hiring decisions

Bias in hiring decisions has long been a concern for organizations. Science-backed talent assessments mitigate unconscious bias by focusing on objective data and standardized assessment criteria and eliminating visual cues and personal biases often associated with face-to-face interviews. Talent assessments level the playing field and ensure a fair evaluation process based on merit and qualifications.

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6. Boost retention rates

Talent assessments help predict if candidates will be a good fit for organizational and team culture and, therefore, retention. 53% of VPs cite increased retention rates as a benefit of implementing assessments. Finding and hiring the right employees is critical, but retaining them is just as important. After all, replacing talent is often more expensive than retaining talent. According to SHRM, employee turnover costs anywhere from 90-200% of an employee’s salary. At the same time, nearly half of TA leaders (46%) report an average of two to five years as the average tenure within an organization. Organizations must hire talent for current openings and future growth to combat these high costs and quick turnovers.

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Ready to unlock the potential of talent assessments?

Talent assessments have emerged as a powerful tool for organizations seeking to adapt and thrive in today’s evolving work environment. While transitioning to an assessment process may be new for many, with the proper focus and attention, organizations can unlock the full potential of talent assessments and secure the best-fit talent for a more successful future.

Discover more about talent assessments. 

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