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Industry research shows a stark decline in satisfaction of talent acquisition efforts in 2023 compared with 2022. Talent teams continue to face headwinds from economic turbulence, internal resource constraints, increased competition for talent, and other factors. As a result, the need for talent acquisition solutions that deliver a strong and consistent ROI has risen significantly as a top priority. 

To help talent teams gauge an anticipated ROI with Symphony Talent solutions, a third-party research firm conducted independent research, consisting of multiple in-depth interviews across Symphony Talent’s largest and most proactive accounts. Insights gleaned from these interviews highlighted the specific challenges that Symphony Talent resolves, delivering a quick and compelling ROI. This data serves as the foundation for our ROI calculations. 

As Symphony Talent CEO Kermit Randa shared, “Conducting due diligence when investing in a new talent acquisition or branding solution should include exploration of the anticipated ROI. What makes our ROI tool unique is that it’s built on real client data, enabling talent teams to get a true view into what they can expect by partnering with Symphony Talent.

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Client-rich data tells the real story

All companies, in every sector, are finding challenges in navigating today’s fractured state of talent acquisition. The good news is, there are many areas of opportunity and recruitment tactics that can lead to quick wins for your organization and long-term recruitment success.

Reduction in time spent on administrative recruiting tasks Symphony Talent’s full suite
Reduction in time spent managing media spend with Symphony Talent’s AdTech
ROI generated in one year with Symphony Talent’s CRM
Reduction in time spend qualifying talent with Symphony Talent’s assessments
ROI generated in three years with Symphony Talent’s career sites

What ROI can you expect from Symphony Talent solutions?

Explore rich data insights, client testimonials, and ROI calculations for Symphony Talent’s CRM, career sites, talent assessments, programmatic media, and full suite of talent acquisition solutions.
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Recruitment marketing challenges addressed by Symphony Talent’s full suite

Clients interviewed for this study noted consistent operational and cost challenges in recruitment marketing and hiring. Four universal concerns that Symphony Talent supports include: 

  • Improved efficiencies: “We used to go into the system ourselves to do emails, and it is much more efficient to have Symphony Talent’s automated job postings and automated emails. We can simply flip a switch on, and they are always running in the background, so we don’t even need to think about it.” - Director, Talent Acquisition and HR Operations
  • Reduced time spent managing media spend with improved visibility: “Prior to having Symphony Talent's Programmatic Media (PM), we would have each recruiter go to the individual job boards and post ads individually, including the large aggregate sites like Indeed, Monster and Career Builder. Now, we can specify something as a hot job, and it is posted automatically to all the sites.” - Manager, Talent Acquisition
  • Reduced time spent qualifying talent: “Symphony Talent does a great job of staying on top of the passing score threshold to ensure we are getting the best quality applicants in the door. We now pre-screen all our candidates and they only move to the interview phase if they have passed Symphony Talent’s Assessment. This has helped us reduce the number of interviews by at least 50 – 60%.” - Manager, Assessments
  • Reduced cost per hire with more targeted spend: “We look at the cost of candidates coming from the Talent Network (CRM & referrals) vs. the cost coming from media. In the most recent QBR, we found that 17% of our hires came from our Talent Network at an avg cost per hire of $169/candidate versus an average cost per hire of $246/candidate from media.” - Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition
  • Consolidate existing systems: “We were able to get rid of a traditional job distribution tool which saved us $25-30k/year.” - Director of Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing

Five whitepapers highlighting Symphony Talent ROI

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Full suite of talent acquisition solutions

Explore the ROI you can expect with the full suite of talent acquisition solutions from Symphony Talent.
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Career sites

Explore the ROI you can expect with career sites from Symphony Talent.
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Explore the ROI you can expect with a candidate relationship management (CRM) solution from Symphony Talent.
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Talent assessments

Explore the ROI you can expect with science-backed talent assessments from Symphony Talent, powered by Skillcheck.
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Programmatic media

Explore the ROI you can expect with programmatic media / AdTech from Symphony Talent.
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Understand the value of your talent acquisition solutions

Choosing a partner to support your talent acquisition efforts should follow the same due diligence as you set within your hiring process. To help you better understand the ROI you can expect from Symphony Talent, an independent research firm conducted in-depth research and prepared five whitepapers, highlighting not only the total ROI, but also the return you can expect within key focus areas. 

Available whitepapers: 

  • Driving ROI: The business case for a proven recruitment marketing solution 
  • Driving ROI: The business case for a proven career site solution 
  • Driving ROI: The business case for a proven CRM solution 
  • Driving ROI: The business case for a proven programmatic AdTech solution 
  • Driving ROI: The business case for a proven assessments solution
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