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The recruitment experience not only sets the tone for how prospective employees see your company, but it also can have a major impact on everything from new hire attrition rates to brand reputation in the marketplace. Suffice to say, a positive candidate experience will help to ensure the best possible hire — and a strong reputation among future applicants.  

Here’s a look at some of the best candidate engagement strategies and how they improve the experience of prospects in the pipeline.

Leverage data, but keep things personable

Thanks to AdTech, AI, and a host of other empowering technologies, recruiters now benefit from a plethora of data that helps them identify and hire talent more effectively. Data opens the door to better decision-making and stronger cohesion from recruitment to retention.

Data can (and should) be leveraged behind the scenes to keep every candidate-facing interaction personal and authentic. Organizations must prioritize a humanized approach that focuses on the candidate as an individual — not a data point. This is especially critical at a time when soft skills are in high demand.

Creating a relaxed, personable, welcoming environment puts candidates at ease and helps them present the best version of themselves. In contrast, a sanitized, impersonal hiring process elicits a closed-off response from candidates who might feel like a cog in the machine before they’ve even accepted a position. Speak to them, not at them or about them!

Actionable examples

  • Create automations that send personalized emails to candidates who are rejected, wishing them well or encouraging them to apply for a different position.
  • Use AI to summarize applicant questionnaires or surveys, pulling out relevant information that can be used to personalized talking points during interviews.

Create a continuum of communication

Ask any job seeker what the most frustrating part of finding new employment is and they’re bound to answer with some variation of the same: lack of communication. Submitting an application into the ether and never hearing anything in response is all too common. Thankfully, this neglect opens the door for compassionate employers to distinguish themselves by creating a continuum of communication that spans numerous touchpoints.

Consistent communication goes beyond a confirmation or rejection email. It’s about delivering relevant content to job seekers throughout their engagement with your brand. Not just job ads; rather, a wealth of content that gets professionals excited about your company, your positions, and their own professional development.

There are ample opportunities and diverse strategies for creating communication that’s omnipresent and duly relevant. For example, 95% of companies surveyed in our 2023 Recruitment Marketing Strategies Report cited SEO landing pages as a key part of their organic content strategy. Moreover, more than 30% of companies found success in posting content to social media.

Actionable examples

  • Identify where job seekers are within your talent funnel and create content that meets them where they are, while speaking to them on an individual level.
  • Don't stop engaging after the candidate submits their application! Keep the connection going with personalized content that encourages them to stay committed to your organization.

Maintain your EVP across every touchpoint

Every touchpoint matters. Infuse your employer brand and employee value proposition (EVP) into every interaction with potential candidates. A strong EVP is critical to promoting your value as an employer. Make sure it’s clear, enticing, and strong.

As you seek to position your organization in the eyes of prospective talent, remember the power of storytelling. Applicants are on a journey — hopefully one that culminates with a position at your company. Storytelling helps them feel connected to your brand, while affirming your EVP.

There are many ways to tell your story. 71% of companies surveyed in our 2023 Recruitment Marketing Strategies Report chose to feature current employee stories. More than a quarter (27%) included branded images or videos at key touchpoints. These storytelling devices and others are critical in creating connections to your brand.

Actionable examples

  • Post short videos to career platforms that highlight the distinguishing benefits of your company — such as its Total Rewards program, child care policy, or WFH options.
  • Create leadership bios for department heads that focus on their management style, leadership philosophy, and facts about them, such as hobbies or likes.

Nothing beats a good experience

The difference between a good candidate experience and a candidate-repelling one is in the outcomes it can produce. Often, it’s the difference between a happy, productive new employee in a key role or turnover that forces you back to the talent pool, where your reputation might not be enough to attract top-tier candidates.

Recruiting is a process rife with opportunities to make a positive impression. Companies that recognize these opportunities and strive to capitalize on them are the ones that will reap the benefits. Learn how to fine-tune your candidate engagement strategies with the help of Symphony Talent.

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Get in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message. The result? Greater brand awareness and expanded right-fit talent network.
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Strong relationships and connections lead to better talent engagement and higher conversions.
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