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Programmatic media makes all the difference to the candidate experience

Jon NelsonOctober 24, 2019AwarenessCandidate ExperienceConnectionProgrammatic Advertising

What is programmatic media?

Let's start with the basics what is programmatic media? Simply put, programmatic marketing (and the media that's associated with it) uses analytics and machine learning to target specific audiences in order to send them a recruiting message. Using a set of sophisticated algorithms, programmatic media then serves ads to those who fit a potential candidate profile.

Meanwhile, it optimizes the ad buying process in real-time, lending cost efficiency. Best of all, everything happens automatically minimal manual tweaks and monitoring are required, freeing up recruiters' time to handle other critical (and more human) tasks. And since everything is measurable by programmatic media, you'll know the impact that your efforts have. This paves the way for informed, future-forward decision making, precise targeting, improved performance, insight into useful information, lower costs and stronger, more impactful creative.

What exactly does an algorithm do?

Despite the measurable success of programmatic media, it's not uncommon for people to hesitate about putting programmatic media to work. After all, it means putting your trust in an algorithm, a set of programming code versus another human being. But the fact of the matter is, there are so many decisions that need to be made and so many different data points that have to be looked at. Given how much evaluation is required, it's all-but-impossible for any human to achieve what a programmatic media platform could do especially on any kind of scale. Picture, for example, a big financial services company or a major health care organization. In both cases, high-volume hiring needs and complex budgeting for individual campaigns dwarfs human effort.

The immediate impact on candidate experience

Once you get comfortable with the idea of letting programmatic media take the reigns, it becomes clear: it's the best, most effortless and most effective way to deliver a seamless, personalized candidate experience.

With programmatic media at work, jobs are advertised to the right potential candidates, at the right time, in the right way. Those candidates are subsequently served branded creative that is relevant to their experience and relevant to the job that they're looking for. Within the same company, a job seeker may be looking for a position in research and development. Another might seeking a scientist, customer service, I.T. or sales or marketing role. Those jobs are different in every way perhaps they work in a lab, require extensive travel or entail computer-centric desk-based work. Any nurturing they receive should align with the type of person they are and the kind of job they're seeking.

Not only does programmatic media automatically send more budget to the right sources to get the greatest number of clicks and the most applications from qualified candidates it also lets you deliver a more personalized message to that candidate, whether it's via Google Ads or any other any other platform that allows customized for customized creative.


Programmatic media shepherds the entire end-to-end experience for a given candidate journey. Given it takes between 14 and 18 candidate touchpoints before a candidate applies, those experiences matter. What you convey to them and how you convey it matters, too. With programmatic media, you eliminate the guesswork, as well as a lot of the effort, while getting better results. At the same time, you gain knowledge backed by data so every next step is a future-forward, informed decision that's made with confidence.

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