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Let's give thanks for HR Tech

Symphony TalentNovember 23, 2022AwarenessConnection

It's no secret that the talent acquisition landscape has experienced challenges as shifting priorities, and a lack of qualified candidates take center stage. Fortunately, HR tech can change all that, making this the perfect time to reflect and give thanks for the ways talent acquisition technology saves the day and helps organizations reach their hiring goals.

Today's pressing hiring challenges

Delving deep into today's hiring hurdles is Symphony Talent's 2023 Talent Acquisition Research Report surveyed 340 strategic and enterprise-level organizations across industries. Internally, respondents cited a rapid change in priorities (40.1%) as their primary concern. Next came communicating with hiring managers and other decision-makers (39.5%), followed by coordinating with other departments (39.5%).

Externally, they found it difficult to communicate with candidates (39.5%), experienced candidate ghosting or lack of interest (38.2%) and struggled with the time-consuming nature of sifting through a high volume of candidates (36.8%).

Amid these woes, respondents found themselves wanting to improve the quality of hires, as well as the candidate experience.

Where talent acquisition technology comes in

A whopping 49% of those surveyed said they'd value having talent and employee technology that rolls in creative services to further their job advertising, branding and candidate outreach efforts. They also wished they could better understand candidates' skills and abilities before hiring (48.4%) while ensuring they could evaluate candidates at every touchpoint and putting their brand front and center across paid, owned and earned media (45.4%) while partnering with creative services.

The right, robust talent acquisition technology can help with all of that, providing clear insight into the candidate journey and doing the heavy lifting across social media, adding personalization to the career website and bolstering things like internal hiring, on-campus recruiting and ensuring the right message and the right time is delivered to the right job boards.

Seeking solutions with disparate systems

The bulk of respondents had invested in things like a talent/employee marketplace (61.5%), CRM software (60.5%), and reporting and analytics solutions (59.9%). The numbers began to drop regarding assessments (57.6%), DEI, and bias-checking software (52.6%).

The other thing that was apparent from the report is that many respondents purchased their talent and employee marketplace and CRM software adjacent to programmatic advertising.

Here's the great news: The HR tech they most wanted to assist with their wish lists:

  • Marketing material templates (49.3%)
  • Programmatic advertising (48.4%)
  • Virtual events (47%)
  • AI and automation software (46.7%)
  • Internal mobility (44.7%)
  • DEI and bias-checking software (44.1%)
  • Applicant tracking software (44.1%)
  • Talent and employee assessments (39.1%)
  • Career sites (28.5%)

Meanwhile, they sought excellent personalized support ranks as the most pressing need-to-have (55.3%), while dynamic internal and external capabilities ranked as the most important feature (48%).

Give thanks for an all-in-one talent acquisition solution

The truth is systems don't have to be disparate. There's no need to purchase and apply them piecemeal.

Symphony Talent's SmashFlyX is the only platform to combine CRM, career site and programmatic advertising, referrals and talent mobility in an unmatched interface, ushering in:

  • Increased team efficiency
  • Complete talent pipelining and campaigning
  • A unified experience for your team and talent
  • Visibility and predictability in every behavior and every channel
  • A reduction in cost per hire
  • An increase in talent network leads
  • Expedited hiring

Ultimately, Symphony Talent's all-in-one solution automates what talent acquisition teams have time to do, empowering them to build relationships with quality hires that are selectively recruited to and sourced on their behalf.

As you give thanks for the progress made over the last 365 and look to next year's hiring, it's a relief to know that HR tech that can do it all, all at once, is in reach.

Want to learn more about this research?

Today's talent professionals are engaging in a sophisticated dance, with many business leaders taking a closer look at their existing processes to identify gaps and adapt to the market's needs. Although the process is necessary, it can be challenging as well.
To better understand the current state of the industry, Symphony Talent enlisted the support of a third-party research firm to conduct a global industry survey.

The research reveals pressing concerns over the threat of recession, the inability to find qualified people with the right skills and a lack of confidence in hiring technology.

Check out the full Research Report today!

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