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Agile + Targeted: The winning formula for recruitment campaign success

Danielle McClowJune 22, 2023AwarenessCandidate ExperienceConnectionEmployer BrandingEmployer Value PropositionQualificationRecruitment CampaignsResource

While there has been a persistent emphasis on the need for talent teams to work fast and remain agile in today’s ever-changing talent landscape, talent professionals must also be strategic in approaching recruitment campaigns. 

To be successful, teams must have the right messaging to hook candidates or risk saturating the market with the same stale messaging that prospective candidates will gloss over in their job search OR that will lead to generic applications from individuals who are a poor fit for your open roles.

Savvy talent acquisition teams know that they must first answer preliminary recruitment questions such as:

  • What roles do we need today, tomorrow, and in three months?
  • What makes our organization unique?
  • What makes the role(s) unique?
  • Why should people apply to our organization now? 
  • What tools do we have to attract talent?
  • What does our talent funnel look like? 

Once organizations answer these questions and establish a baseline of the recruitment campaigns they need, they must think more tactically about how to pepper those responses into their recruitment marketing efforts. 

We sat down with Symphony Talent’s brand and creative services experts to discuss the connection between agile recruitment and targeted messaging, and the best practices you need to activate them successfully. 

What are recruitment campaigns?

Recruitment campaigns are your talent teams’ efforts to attract and hire the best-fit people to your organization. Recruitment campaigns are, therefore, tactic-based. These campaigns leverage assets with tailored messaging. They are often directed toward a specific job, family, or demographic. Recruitment campaigns work best when they have a target audience and specific purpose — meaning, they have a direct call to action to apply for vacancies rather than an intention of simply increasing employer brand awareness. 

A few scenarios where recruitment campaigns can really shine: 

  • Your retail company needs to hire a high volume of team members for in-person holiday help.
  • Your technology company needs 100 engineers in the Eastern time zone in the next three months. 
  • Your healthcare organization needs 50 oncology nurses willing to travel to your sister hospitals. 

How do you approach these specific hires? You must first understand their unique needs and wants and then create targeted messaging and campaigns for each group.

What are agile recruitment campaigns?

Agile recruitment campaigns are strategies designed to adapt and respond quickly to changing talent acquisition needs. They leverage various channels, techniques, and technologies to attract, engage, and hire candidates efficiently and effectively. 

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, organizations must be agile in their recruitment efforts to attract and retain top talent. Agile recruitment campaigns offer a flexible and responsive approach that aligns with the dynamic needs of the modern workforce.

Why are agile recruitment campaigns important?

Agile recruitment campaigns provide several benefits, including:

  • Faster time-to-hire: By streamlining the recruitment process, organizations can reduce time spent sourcing and screening candidates, resulting in quicker hiring decisions.
  • Enhanced candidate experience: Agile campaigns prioritize personalized interactions and communication, creating a positive impression on candidates and therefore improving the employer brand.
  • Targeted talent attraction: Agile strategies allow recruiters to pivot and adjust their approach based on market trends and candidate preferences, enabling them to attract the right talent.

What are the best practices for activating agile recruitment campaigns?

  1. Define clear objectives: Clearly outline your recruitment goals, including the positions you must fill, the desired candidate profiles, and the timeline. This ensures everyone involved understands the purpose and can align their efforts accordingly.
  1. Adopt data-driven approaches: Leverage data and analytics to identify recruitment trends, evaluate the effectiveness of different channels and strategies, and make data-informed decisions. Use applicant tracking systems and other recruitment tools to collect and analyze relevant data.
  1. Embrace employer branding: Build a strong employer brand that resonates with your target candidates. Highlight your company's EVP, unique values, culture, and opportunities for growth. Communicate your brand message consistently across all campaign channels and touchpoints to attract top talent.
  1. Engage in multichannel sourcing: Utilize a mix of sourcing channels, such as job boards, social media platforms, professional networks, and employee referrals. Continuously monitor the performance of each channel and adapt your approach based on the quality and quantity of candidates generated.
  1. Implement agile interviews and assessments: Adopt agile interview techniques such as panel interviews, skills assessments, and video interviews to expedite the evaluation process. Provide timely feedback to candidates to keep them engaged and informed throughout the hiring journey.
  1. Foster collaboration: Promote collaboration between recruiters, hiring managers, and other stakeholders involved in the recruitment process. Encourage regular feedback loops and open communication to facilitate quick decision-making and adjustments to the campaign strategy and messaging framework for each recruitment group. 
  1. Measure and iterate: Continuously monitor the effectiveness of your agile recruitment campaign by tracking key metrics like time-to-fill, quality of hire, cost per hire, diversity ratios, and candidate satisfaction. Use the insights gained to refine your strategies and improve future campaigns.

By embracing best practices such as defining clear objectives, leveraging data, and fostering collaboration, organizations can unlock the full potential of agile recruitment and attract top talent efficiently and effectively. Stay flexible, iterate, and continuously refine your approach to stay ahead in the competitive talent market.

About Symphony Talent’s employer brand and creative service experts 

The Symphony Talent Brand & Creative Studio is responsible for the creation and effectiveness of our client’s employer brand position and strategy. The group oversees everything from the definition of the EVP, to the employer brand identity and the alignment of subsequent activations.

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