M-Cloud® Named a Top HR Product


The Media Optimization Platform has Revolutionized Conventional Recruitment Media Management


Symphony Talent, a leading Talent Acquisition solutions provider, proudly announced today that Human Resource Executive® has selected Symphony Talent’s Media Cloud (M-Cloud®) solution as one of its Top HR Products of 2018.  Selected by editors of the magazine, the annual award recognizes the newest HR products based on their level of innovation, value added to the HR function, intuitiveness for the user, and ability to deliver on what they promise.

“We’re honored to accept this award and be recognized for our dedication to making a significant impact on recruitment marketing,” said Roopesh Nair, President and CEO, Symphony Talent.  “M-Cloud® has revolutionized the conventional, cumbersome media management approach by being the only platform that automatically optimizes media spend across job boards, banners, adwords and social based on real time performance data.”

Symphony Talent clients such CarMax, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Regis Corporation and Northside Hospital are already reaping the benefits from leveraging the power of M-Cloud® as part of their recruitment marketing efforts.

Symphony Talent’s M-Cloud® will be honored at Human Resource Executive’s HR Technology Conference September 11 – 14, 2018 in Las Vegas. An overview of the M-Cloud® award winning media optimization platform will be held on Thursday, September 13 from 1 pm – 2 pm in the Human Resource Executive® magazine’s booth, #3022.

About Symphony Talent’s Media Optimization Cloud (M-Cloud®) Platform

M-Cloud® informs smarter, more efficient recruitment media buying by automatically optimizing media spend to outlets that provide the best fit and highest quality candidates, while continually refocusing efforts on the most important jobs. Driven by Symphony Talent’s Artificial Intelligence engine, M-Cloud® takes the inefficiencies and guesswork out of recruitment marketing allowing talent acquisition leaders to apply programmatic, real-time, results driven, media optimization.

Key Features

  • Programmatic Job Postings/Banners
  • Job Distribution
  • Sponsoring Social Content Marketing Posts
  • Banner Ads, Google Ads & Facebook Ads
  • Traditional Media
  • Auto-campaigning, Auto-Site-Optimization  & Auto-Geo-targeting
  • Transparent Reporting and Predictive Analytics
  • Consolidated Billing and Centralized Budgeting

Media Agency Services

  • M-Cloud®’s award-winning technology is backed by a global agency of media experts with years of experience and expert understanding of what channels work for what kinds of jobs across the globe.

“There have never been more options, venues or ways to place media and the need to leverage these options has never been greater, especially in today’s hyper-competitive talent market,” noted Nair.  “With M-Cloud®, our clients can optimize their spend, differentiate their brand and achieve significant, measurable outcomes.”