Shaping Incredible Employer Brands

As our in-house award-winning creative and brand agency, Hodes blends passion, energy, and thoughtful creativity to answer any creative or brand challenge.



Hodes is nimble, focused, and completely dedicated to thoughtful creativity in the employer space bringing expertise in employer branding, recruitment marketing, content marketing, social media management and custom websites.
Employer Branding and EVP development
If you’re looking for an insightful, powerful articulation of your business for the people within and the people you want to attract, look no further.
Whether it’s internal, purely social or completely tactical, Hodes creates insight-driven campaigns with impact and incredible targeted reach.
Custom Websites
Hodes develops sites that don’t just look good, but are fit for a purpose - putting the user at the heart of every experience.
Content Marketing
Need an expert content strategy? Hodes will plan it, produce engaging content, and then push it out across all relevant platforms.
Internal Communications
If you want to engage, inform or educate employees, we can develop creative, engaging messaging and campaigns, look no further we are here to help.
Social Media Management
From LinkedIn and Facebook, to Twitter and Instagram - we expertly manage social media for an array of global and local clients.


Hodes has earned a reputation for excellence in shaping and activating incredible employer brands. Blending passion and creativity with strategic thinking, Hodes provides creative and strategies that span research, EVP development, campaigns, internal communications, social media and content marketing. Of course, our agency’s experience and dedication to creativity, is also embedded in all of Symphony Talent’s technology solutions - ensuring a strategic and creative approach in everything we do.
If you need advice on how to take your brand or creative to the next level, we have the answer.
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