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Programmatic recruitment software and what it can do for you

Shannon SeeryJuly 29, 2022Resource

Programmatic advertising is a marketing and advertising tool that most organizations are familiar with. But it's come to our attention that organizations may not understand the term regarding talent acquisition software and strategies.

That's a giant miss especially in a candidate-centric labor economy (possibly heading towards a recession).

What is programmatic recruiting?

"Programmatic media" is a term that refers to several different technologies that vary in complexity and cost. Generally speaking, there are three primary aspects of programmatic recruitment advertising:

  • Pay for performance job advertising on job boards like ZipRecruiter and Indeed
  • Search engine marketing (Google AdWords)
  • Programmatic digital brand ads, such as banner ads

Every click or impression is treated as an individual media buy. Think of it this way: Each channel operates on an auction system, determining which ads are most relevant to the user. It then bids to use a job advertisement that fits their qualifications and prior interaction. The auction's winner then serves their job advertisement to the user in real-time while loading the page.

Defining paid programmatic media channels

Any type of content or marketing channel involving payment is called paid media. Whether a commercial, billboard or pay-per-click advertisement, paid media targets a specific audience, be it a demographic, past customer or a campaign to support your diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) efforts.

On top of being an effective tactic, especially when done in tandem with other advertising tools, paid media delivers instant results that can be monitored and tracked through key metrics. This is true of:

  • Online and Mobile banner ads: branded display ads, retargeting prior candidates, contextually targeting the right content, or targeting a designated audience by known industry, occupation, and geography.
  • Video ads play automatically when a visitor scrolls past
  • Social media
  • Search engine ads that appear at the top of search results
  • Print ads
  • Radio or podcast ads

Paid media gives you control over the content and messaging, is easily trackable and lets you target customers with high intent. It's also great for remarketing or retargeting campaigns.

That said, paid media's ROI is widely variable, depending on:

  • Channel
  • Cost Per Candidate
  • Cost Per Applicant
  • Cost Per Hire
  • Job View to Application %
  • Apply-to-Hire %

Why embrace targeted programmatic media for recruitment?

Programmatic recruitment advertising does the tough stuff for you, managing, optimizing and automating the processes of placing jobs while connecting you with job seekers who are the most likely to convert and have the skill set you need.

Programmatic recruiting saves you time and money while helping to improve the candidate experience with personalized content and touchpoints.

It eliminates inefficient processes and curtails unnecessary spending that's endemic to traditional recruitment advertising by spending wisely and adjusting spend as needed. With it, there's no need to manage multiple job ad vendors and no need to consolidate data from disparate sources. And because it's instant, you won't be left waiting for results or spending money placing ads on sites that don't align with your hiring goals. In short, it paves the way for working smarter, not harder and seeing hiring success where you otherwise may have struggled

A look at Symphony Talent's programmatic media tools

SFX programmatic job advertising controls each ad, every campaign, bill, and job ad you're funding while budgeting and adapting itself, so your budget is well-allocated.

It also makes it possible to:

  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Automatically scan for open jobs, place bids, manage your budget, and suggest keywords
  • Activate your employer brand seamlessly across all channels
  • Automate occupation targeting on Connected TV
  • Retarget career site visitors and candidates in the CRM that are a good fit for a job but that haven't yet applied
  • Geofencing tactics to target mobile phone users in specific physical locations such as within 50 meters of any big box retail store nationwide or any hospital or health system
  • Use the power of the sight, sound, and motion of online video to drive deeper employer brand messaging engagement with targeted candidates
  • Deliver true-path analytics, complete with influence reporting with a single recruitment marketing data structure across advertising, organic, career site, email, SMS, applies and hires
  • Target by channel, occupation and geolocation

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