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Drip campaigns: Email marketing for recruiters

Ateet ShahAugust 8, 2018AwarenessConnectionRecruitment CampaignsSocial and Content Marketing

How do you go about recruiting candidates for a position on your team? Chances are, your current process goes something like this:


  • Go into your ATS, CRM or similar tool and search within the talent community
  • Look for people to contact
  • Select them manually
  • Set up a campaign manually
  • Pore through as many responses as you can
  • Wait and see what happens

It's entirely possible you have no idea about who has already applied (many systems don't capture this type of data). And because everything is done manually, you probably won't even get around to thanking the candidates who actually submitted an application.

The above scenario outlines an intensely manual, very cumbersome process (and let's face it, you're doing the best you can). But who really has the time and resources to tackle all this efficiently or effectively?

The answer is an eye-opener, because it's YOU.

Let's explore the possibilities

What if I told you there are solutions available right now that can help you manage effective communication toward your candidates without spending all your time doing it? Even better, almost all of it can be done automatically.

Take orchestrating a drip campaign, for example. (And if you're not sure what a drip campaign is, or does, check this out first to get up to speed).

Remember, just about everyone who's ever shopped for a product, looked into attending an event or planned a vacation online has received messaging that's intended to pique interest and close the sale.

Candidates are consumers, too, only they're career shopping. And they expect to be nurtured throughout their decision-making process in exactly the same consumer-centric fashion they experience regularly with the Amazons, Ubers and Expedias of the world. And these online giants will be the first to tell you that personalization and relevancy are the backbones of their ongoing success.

Because it utilizes data via AI and machine learning, an automated drip campaign (or any function that involves a series of sequential tasks) can be greatly simplified and improved both for you and your candidates.

You'll find the talent you want without all the fuss.

Automated, smart, efficient

For example, if you send potential candidates an email which they don't open, they automatically get another one that encourages further action. If they did look at your email and never followed up, they're sent messaging with a more enticing offer and relevant information about why they should apply.

All the while the AI engine is hard at work determining a framework and logic set for who sees what. And It's also creating candidate profiles based on the information already captured - and putting candidates into a "star" ranking system. It can determine whether they visited your microsite, joined a talent community, updated their profiles or accepted an interview Ð all of which helps you further personalize their experience.

The same approach works equally well throughout the apply process. If a candidate starts but doesn't finish the online job application, you can follow up with an email encouraging them to complete it (you can even provide an estimate of how long it should take).

Even the "thank you" part of the process is automated. And by this time, you and the candidates have formed a relationship and you both have a good idea of how well they'll fit into the role and your organization.

It's a win/win for everyone.

Haven't you heard this all before?

You might be thinking that an automated drip campaign sounds a lot like automated emails or job alerts where you compare profiles in your talent database and match them with likely candidates. However, these approaches don't factor in or gauge candidate interest.

Therein lies the problem: you can't customize your response, so it's generic and uninformed. In a competitive, candidate-centric universe, it's tough to make an impression with a one-size-fits-all approach!

A fair advantage

Another advantage of drip campaigns is that they're perfectly suited for getting the word out about upcoming job fairs and career events. And because the whole approach is easily (and automatically) scalable, you can achieve a level of mass customization that's never been possible before.

You simply need to set up a date, time and location and market your event using email or social media. Then let the countdown begin!

  • Candidates who haven't opened or accepted your invite by a certain date automatically get a reminder
  • If or when they do accept, they get a "thank you"
  • And as the date for your event draws near, those who've accepted get final details and instructions a few days in advance Ð again automatically

Also keep in mind that by the time you meet them face-to-face, AI and machine learning have created profiles for every attendee and ranked them accordingly.

Scalability works both ways

Drip campaigns don't necessarily have to be centered around an immediate need or specific event. Some candidates require extra nurturing, particularly specialist roles like physicians, scientists or C-suiters (or really anyone who isn't actively looking for a new position).

Because drip campaigns are specifically designed to deliver relevant information over time, you can be very specific, too, sending relevant information about your industry, your facility, or anything in which they might be interested. By initially going "small," you can ultimately deliver BIG.

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