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Bake up clean data with cookieless tracking

Jon NelsonMarch 10, 2022AnalyticsCRM

Death to third-party cookies; plan your third-party cookie funerals these headlines are ominous. But why so glum?

The reason why people fear the 2023 pending third-party cookie phase-out is because they don't know there's a better way (one that's already here today).

At Symphony Talent, we say, "No Cookies? No Problem," and here's why.

Fast Facts:

  • Safari & Firefox started blocking third-party cookies in 2013
  • Chrome will start blocking third-party cookies in 2023
  • You can't engineer around it with IP or Fingerprinting

Embrace the change: No cookies? No problem.

First of all, cookies aren't optimal anyway. They are not 100% accurate and are more in the 60% range. The more accurate information and better candidate data come from personally identifiable and submitted info (opt-in data.)

Despite what industry harbingers might tell you, tracking your media results is not going away when cookie usage is updated in 2023.

Measuring candidate behavior on your careers site, their engagement with your CRM content and their interaction with each ad you've shown them is still possible. And it has been for a while.

Contact integrations, or direct connections to your ATS system which pull in all of the statuses of your applicants, tell us who has applied (and by their nature, who hasn't) down to the individual candidate.

Media impressions and message engagement tell the story of ad performance, and membership in your talent pipelines can be counted.

So what happens when we combine those data points?

Prioritize your CRM

If you are using a centralized media platform + CRM, you can stop worrying about cookies right now. Your partner has you covered.

When media is distributed from a central source, and candidates are being driven into talent communities and pipelines by those ads, we can see the entire candidate journey.

Every time a candidate saw a banner, clicked on a Facebook ad, visited your LinkedIn company profile page, or opened one of your emails, everything measured side-by-side to show you what's working.

And to be clear, we are talking about tracking the applications that resulted in hires, too. Hire information, the gold standard is naturally tied to and visible within the architecture of a combined media + CRM platform.

This all leads to more accurate data for you and quality assurance for candidates.

SFX was built for change

For Symphony Talent, this change is not reactionary. As an end-to-end platform, SFX is built for the current shift in the marketplace and only furthers the differentiating factors of the platform.

By having CRM, career website pages, and programmatic recruitment advertising within one platform, our clients can leverage the breadth of the product to rely on first-party cookies, lead capture, URL-derived last-click, and data-APIs instead of third party cookies. Additionally, users benefit from better candidate data that is personally identifiable and opted-into, as well as a source of truth for each data point.

So, are you worried about cookies in 2023? If the answer to this question is, "yes," it might be time to start exploring more robust recruitment marketing ecosystems.

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Create more opportunities for the talent you hire to become loyal brand advocates who choose to grow with your organization.

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