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Talent acquisition is complex with many moving parts. Our solutions work together, and can even work with your current systems, so that you can attract, hire, and engage the best talent from the first point of contact through to employment.


Focused on experience, X-Cloud® delivers the right messaging in the right places, at the right time, to the right audiences to help you achieve proactive recruitment marketing.
All your talent acquisition needs
Career Website
Rich personalized content, enhanced job descriptions, internal and external mobility, events management, award-winning creative.
Engage candidates and employees through automated communication and maximize lead generation through drip campaigns, advanced search, smart folders and AI recommendations.
Automate job postings across multiple channels, build a thriving talent community and easily access quality talent.
Content Marketing and Social Media
Technology that enables you to serve relevant content with rich details to enable quick decision-making.
Assessments and Credentials
Ensure and improve quality in your complex hiring processes and take the guesswork out of the selection process with skill and culture fit assessments.
Employee Engagement, Referrals, and Advocacy
Activate employees as brand ambassadors to share curated content to their own networks and increase conversion rates.
Features to enhance your recruitment marketing
Experience Personalization
Tailored experience across all touchpoints, driven by user behavior, preferences and AI recommendations.
Machine Learning
Comprehensive AI utilization - not just chat bots or automated matching, but full experience personalization, recommendation and automated process optimization.
ATS Integration
Ease of integration with any third party ATS, so your team can source from a single location.
Address complex and differentiated hiring workflows without having to request custom professional services.
Content Marketing Services
Content marketing and social media content curation and management.
Make the most of your analytics
Analytics & Metrics
All data in one place for smarter, more informed business decisions and simple reporting.


X-Cloud® leverages machine learning and automation to connect data and insights across all touchpoints to yield smarter business decisions around talent acquisition and spend. With ROI tracking and real-time analytics, X-Cloud® transforms recruiters’ efforts from reactive to predictive.
Whether you need an end-to-end solution or to improve your current systems, X-Cloud® can help you build a personalized experience, thriving talent community, and streamline your data and reporting - all in one platform, accessible from any device.
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X-Cloud® can integrate with any complementary HR Technology system to solve a variety of needs, and we regularly work with many of the top providers.

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