Flexible, Automated Media Optimization

Drive qualified applicants to the right job openings, when and where you need them. M-Cloud® uses real-time data to simplify and optimize recruitment marketing in one easy-to-use system.


Get ahead of your ever-changing recruitment marketing challenges with M-Cloud®, the most comprehensive, programmatic media buying platform.
All your media needs
Programmatic Job Postings / Banners
Auto-optimization of sponsored job postings running across the best performing job sites for your job openings. Includes organic job distribution and access to a full library of job boards for all your one-off posting needs.
Brand Ads
Standard and dynamic banners, mobile, native and video, are all at your fingertips and optimized to showcase your brand in the right places at the right time.
Search Ads
M-Cloud® is integrated with Google Adwords to drive optimized exposure for your employer brand and attracts the best-fit talent.
Social Ads
M-Cloud® has the ability to programmatically buy ads on social channels to drive candidates that are automatically targeted by occupation and location.
Traditional Media
Outdoor. Radio. Television. Cable. Newspaper. Magazine. On any platform, we can optimize your traditional media plan.
Key features of M-Cloud®
Continuous and instant updates across all sites as job counts, goals, or budgets change.
Targets the jobs that need the most help by automatically distributing the budget to the worst performing jobs in any campaign.
Auto-Site Optimization
M-Cloud® allocates the optimal budget amount to the top performing publishers in each campaign, based off your own data.
Logic-Driven Distribution (aka auto-sourcing)
Trigger job distribution through requisition requirements perfect for EEO compliance.
No Waste or Rollover Funds
Accurate, transparent built-in job-level media spend reporting across all media channels- any unused funds roll over to next month.
Make the most of your analytics
Omni-Data and Reporting
Tracking is built into every M-Cloud® ad buy to help you easily see analytics and ROI at a job level and in real-time.
Predictive Analytics
Real-time recommendations reducing media cost per application and media cost per hire.
Support with your media
Digital Media Team
Experts across media research, strategy, and analytics are here to advise on strategy, budget, and data analysis.


Set your budget and goals - it’s that simple.
M-Cloud® uses real-time performance data to automatically adjust media spend to sites that deliver the highest quality candidates, while continually refocusing efforts on your most important jobs.
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