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Enhanced SmashFly Career Site Solution Emphasises Dynamic Personalisation to Help Talent Screen In and Out for Better Fit

Danielle McClowJuly 20, 2022News

NEW YORK, February 27, 2020Symphony Talent announced today that SmashFly, the leading enterprise recruitment marketing and candidate relationship management (CRM) platform, has expanded its career site solution with enhanced job descriptions, blogging, and dynamic content personalisation. The new functionality empowers talent acquisition teams with scalable storytelling to automate a uniquely personalised, employer brand-driven experience throughout the career site, from homepage all the way to job descriptions.

Whether an employer receives thousands of applicants per requisition or hires for niche roles with unique responsibilities, it’s increasingly critical to give talent the opportunity to screen themselves in – and out – to not only the right jobs, but also the right companies. Companies identified as innovating recruitment marketing organisations in the companies’ soon-to-be-released annual Fortune 500 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report are 4x more likely to utilise a talent blog for storytelling than lagging organisations and almost 5x more likely to include content or video on job description pages.With both talent experience and recruiter experience at the forefront, SmashFly’s upgraded career site solution includes:

  • Dynamic Personalisation: With dynamic content personalisation, the career site can deliver targeted, relevant content – from videos, images and employee stories to events, jobs and career paths – based on the visitor’s persona, location and/or site behavior in real-time. For example, if a candidate searches for “hospitality” jobs on the career site, on their next visit they’ll see imagery, headlines, content, employee stories, etc. relevant to the hospitality industry and careers. If the platform determines potential interest in other industries or locations, it will intuitively serve up that content as well.
  • Blog: Native to the content management system (CMS), talent acquisition teams can now build a talent-facing blog within the career site – no integration with external blogs or systems required. Recruiters and recruitment marketers now have an additional tool at their fingertips to communicate their employer brand and stories in a blog format, with live preview and SEO optimisation capabilities built in.
  • Enhanced Job Descriptions: Many candidates’ career site visits start on the job description page; it’s the first (and sometimes only) opportunity employers have to authentically represent and communicate their brand and the job to generate interest and conversion. Enhanced job descriptions allow talent to toggle through relevant job and culture content without having to leave the job description page, enabling a more seamless experience and supporting their understanding of the specific job and current employees, leading to a more qualified decision to apply.

“With so many choices and channels, we have an immense responsibility to support our customers and the market in redefining and developing new ways for talent to interact with employers,” said Ajay Kutty, Chief Product Officer, Symphony Talent and SmashFly. “Our combined engineering team prioritised building this functionality into SmashFly, as we’ve seen how personalisation and scalable storytelling on Symphony Talent’s career site solution have helped our customers bring to life their employer brands and jobs and streamline quality conversion.”

The SmashFly Career Sites enhancements come just three months after its acquisition by Symphony Talent and are now supported by Symphony Talent’s award-winning employer brand creative services. The combined organization is fueled by an expanded, global engineering team that brings accelerated time to market and collective, award-winning career site innovation and excellence.

More About Symphony Talent

Symphony Talent is a global leader in employer brand and candidate experience solutions for some of the world’s leading brands. Combining award-winning creative and marketing technology, Symphony Talent offers the most strategic and comprehensive suite of solutions on the market, transforming employer brands to deliver world-class experiences for candidates, employees and recruiters. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @SymphonyT_EU

More About SmashFly Technologies

Acquired by Symphony Talent in 2019, the award-winning software company serves more than 100 customers, including 25 of the Fortune 500. Powered by AI, SmashFly’s enterprise platform combines CRM, career site, events and analytics solutions to create a smarter, seamless experience for talent – and your team. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @SmashFly.

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