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Where does diversity content go? Where your brand goes

Danielle McClowMay 12, 2022AwarenessConnectionEmployee CommunicationEmployer BrandingRecruitment CampaignsSocial and Content Marketing

Creating recruitment marketing content that attracts candidates is hard; creating content that appeals to everyone is harder. We often resort to blanket coverage because it's the only way to cast a wider net, right?

Generic messaging is not a solution as it creates a more significant problem when trying to convey your employer's brand and relate to potential candidates. According to the 2022 Fosway 9 Grid for Talent Acquisition, leading corporations have found that a lack of availability of quality content very quickly becomes a bottleneck in a truly personalized candidate experience.

Generic messages don't connect to individuals. When you're too generic, you risk being bland and biased. The solution is to leverage a diversity recruiting content strategy.

Why you need a diversity recruiting content strategy across all channels

People are looking for exciting work at organizations that care about them. They want to work where they like what they do and, more importantly, love what they get in return. The return on investment takes the form of pay, benefits, culture, mentors, growth and belonging.

Your recruitment marketing content and diversity content can't be separate entities to appeal to today's candidates. You can flip the script and attract people to your open jobs by following these three content guidelines:

  1. Be transparent
  2. Be consistent
  3. Be conscious

(Learn more about the current state of diversity, equity and inclusion in recruiting here.)

Diversity recruiting content rule #1: Transparency

Transparency in your recruitment marketing content lets you lay a strong foundation for your company, what they do, what they represent, and how your employees shape your culture.

Being transparent helps potential candidates identify your organization's core values and growth opportunities. Basically, in a world where they have lots of options and deciding where to go and what to do is difficult, your transparency helps them determine whether the job is right.

Three transparent content ideas to implement in your diversity recruiting strategy:

  1. Communicate your core values and who portrays them in your organization. This can be in listing the values on your career website and then showcasing videos, pictures and quotes from employees who portray these values every day.
    *Examples of core value champions or employee award winners make your corporate values and initiatives more tangible and relatable for potential candidates. It's easy to plaster these values on the wall or throw them up on a career site, but showing how they happen in practice and who can gain recognition for their efforts makes it real and attractive.
  2. Show off your employees and why they like working at your organization. Video testimonials showcase your corporate space (or remote work opportunities), values, and perks, but it helps shine a light on your company's unique people and teams. Video and real-life photography of actual employees help candidates see the real people behind the scenes and get a sense of the diversity of your teams.

    *Portray happy employees who have something of substance to say about working at your company to help communicate value to potential candidates and ensure you're depicting a wide variety of people to portray all who work at your organization.
  3. Shine a light on growth opportunities (for internal and external talent). Taking a job today is all about where you'll be
    tomorrow. Perhaps it might be a stepping stone job for some where they plan to job hop to another organization in a year or so, but it can be a place of growth potential if they know that opportunity exists. This is a significant selling point for people who want some stability in their lives but don't want to lose out on career growth and money growth opps.

    *Highlight your career growth programs and internal mobility champions on your career websites and recruitment marketing campaigns (emails, videos, pictures, testimonials).

Diversity recruiting content rule #2: Consistency

You know the adage, "practice makes perfect"? In truth, consistency is perfect when it comes to recruitment marketing.

Consistent communication and tone are vital in communicating your diversity recruiting strategy. You cannot simply throw up a few pictures or videos or quotes from select groups of employees or highlight a minority during holidays and call that a diversity recruiting strategy. It's surface-level and transparent that it's not a full, engaging diversity recruiting program.

Your diversity recruiting strategy needs to be authentic and consistent across all channels to resonate. That means you work with your internal diversity experts, human resource professionals, recruiters, sourcers and hiring managers to create a cohesive candidate journey.

(Learn more about how to communicate your diversity recruiting story here.)

Diversity recruiting content rule #3: Consciousness

Once you've determined your message and campaign, you set a schedule for your channels and ensure that your content is on blast, in the right places at the right time.

Just like a surface-level diversity strategy will be easy to spot, it will also be very off-putting for candidates. People will not think that your pride month or Asian-American history month social post means you have a real diversity commitment. They will want to see these messages on top of real action.

It would be best to communicate the programs, perks and benefits your employees enjoy that reflect their diverse needs. Whether that's mental health days, childcare stipends, holidays off, or paternal leave. The programs you create to help your employees are what people want to see.

To help you understand what to communicate and when to look to your employee resource groups, check out how to promote your diversity ERG and leverage them in your content strategy here.

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