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How to leverage your current workforce to build a solid employee pipeline

Sheridan GaengerJuly 19, 2016AwarenessConnectionEmployee CommunicationQualification

group-of-professionals.jpgThe face of employment is shifting to an increasingly candidate-driven market. More and more Millennials are entering the workforce, which adds a new layer of challenge to employer branding and the the omni-channel recruitment process. Younger workers place a considerable emphasis on factors such as company culture and authenticity, which means that recruiters and organizations must work harder to cultivate and publicize a strong talent brand. In order to attract these employees to your business, it is essential to leverage holistic talent acquisition strategies, leveraging the best of both worlds -- services and technology -- that will appeal to a new generation of workers.

A 2016 report by the Edelman Trust Barometer suggested that when it comes to public trust, employees rank above CEOs, government officials, and Boards of Directors as credible sources of information. Job candidates want to know what it is really like to work for your business, and there is no better source than the people who are actually employed by your organization. For this reason, it is necessary to embrace the individuals behind your brand if you want to continue to attract the best and the brightest.

It is people who should be at the center of your market efforts. As a compliment to your content and brand marketing, your recruitment efforts can also leverage the people who help make your organization great. Your employees are the true voice of your brand, so it is important to allow these voices to be heard. Give your employees the opportunity to express what makes working for your organization so great by making them the heart of your marketing and recruitment efforts.

How do the people who support, work for and believe in your brand help in the talent acquisition process?

Your brand can boost your authenticity

In order to attract talent to your brand, it is vital to form a humbling connection with job candidates. Today's job applicants crave openness, honesty and authenticity, so showcasing the aspects of your culture and educating them with targeted content, can set you apart and help you win this war for top talent. Be upfront about what you have to offer and why people should work for your organization.

The latest generation of workers also places a tremendous emphasis on relationships with co-workers. Approximately 69 percent of Millennials suggest that it is the people they work with who contribute to their best effort and productivity. The people who work for your organization have their own unique trust networks. By sharing their experiences with your company, they can attract talent interested working at a place surrounded by people with whom they work well, admire and trust.

Talent acquisition professionals can play an important role not only in influencing an organization's culture, but also in serving as an ambassador for the company's brand. As a brand advocate, be both credible and authentic. Talent professionals must be passionate and genuine when it comes to sharing the mission, goals and values of an organization.

The authenticity that employees contribute to your brand can also be one of your most valuable tools for boosting referrals. Approximately 67 percent of recruiters and employers report that hiring via referrals is both faster and more cost-effective. Referrals also typically lead to better retention rates. People want to work with people that they know and like, so having a strong employee referral program in place can ultimately lead to better quality of hire and reduced turnover. According to one Gallup poll, people report feeling more engaged, motivated and committed to their jobs when they have friends at work. You can help leverage the people behind your brand by encouraging your top talent to recommend qualified people that they know and to share job openings within their social networks.

People are what makes your brand great

It's important to have faith in your brand, but more important is the people behind your brand. Current employees are one of the best sources for attracting new talent, so give your people the power and tools to evangelize your business. Encourage employees to share curated content within their social networks. Everyone within your company should be familiar with your brand's goals and values. More than that, it is essential to live those values each and every day. Your employees are the resource that will humanize the face of your brand among clients and potential employees.

Building a talent brand around your company culture is a key part of attracting today's always-connected workers. One study suggests that nearly 65% of Millennial workers would rather make less money at a job they loved than make considerably more at a job they found boring. Give your employees a reason to love their jobs and they will serve as a powerful resource for promoting your brand and attracting new talent.

Shine a spotlight on the people behind your brand

While many companies talk about inspiring their workers to become brand evangelists, few seem to actually invest the time, money and effort into doing it.

One commonly cited statistic suggests that companies lose approximately $11 billion annually as a result of employee turnover. In order to minimize the impact of such employment churn, it is an imperative to focus on hiring the right people from the get-go. Quality of hire results not only in better productivity, but also in improved retention rates.

Talent acquisition has become increasingly complex in today's competitive hiring climate. Establishing a strong talent brand is critical for attracting the most qualified candidates. In order to broadcast your authenticity, values and job culture, make it an imperative to fully embrace the people behind your brand.

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