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Symphony Talent releases reimagined talent marketing platform, SmashFlyX

Danielle McClowJuly 20, 2022News

The platform will help talent acquisition teams improve adoption, efficiency and experience

LONDON and NEW YORK, June 3, 2020 - Symphony Talent a leader in transforming employer brand experiences through talent marketing software, and services, released today its reimagined talent marketing platform, SmashFlyX. It’s the only platform in the industry that combines enterprise candidate relationship management (CRM), career site, talent mobility, and programmatic recruitment advertising solutions in an unmatched user interface.

“We believe that talent acquisition greatness requires a combination of automating high-volume touchpoints and empowering teams for action and decision-confidence,” said Roopesh Nair, CEO, Symphony Talent. “It’s why we’ve focused on enhancing one platform that will drive adoption, strengthen pipelining and campaigning across every channel, and prove ROI.”

After Symphony Talent’s acquisition of recruitment marketing platform SmashFly in November 2019, its product team focused on unifying SmashFly’s robust CRM functionality and configurability with its award-winning career site, programmatic advertising, and analytics solutions. To support user adoption and push the standard of user experience, the product and creative teams worked together to design an entirely new interface.

“I’ve always respected Symphony Talent’s strong commitment to product research and development, and it shows in SmashFlyX,” said Madline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research Partners. “It’s innovative and easy to use, with an exceptional user experience, all of which will help modern talent acquisition leaders better solve the challenges ahead.”

Driven by proprietary machine learning, SmashFlyX includes the following core modules: CRM, career site, programmatic advertising, referrals, and talent mobility. Recruiters and talent marketers can now create, automate, and measure every type of talent marketing campaign in one place: paid to owned, email to SMS, social media to banner and job ads, to both internal and external candidates.

“SmashFlyX expands on our product strengths, but it’s really a new vision for user experience that we haven’t seen in the market,” said Ajay Kutty, Chief Product Officer, Symphony Talent. “With customer input in mind, we designed a product that users will not only find innately helpful, but love to work in every day.”

The noteworthy capabilities and features include:

The Dashboard: Every user’s personal launchpad, the Dashboard is fully customizable by widget, diving into specific pipelines and jobs, top- and bottom-performing campaigns, and intuitive recommendations.

Innate automation: SmashFlyX innately automates what already should be, like instant job alerts to relevant talent network profiles, self-optimizing advertising campaigns, and auto actions based on metrics.

Pipeline intelligence: The AI recommendation engine within the CRM prioritizes top internal and external candidates, filters by pipeline or job match and brand engagement, then prompts and automates actions and workflows.

1:1 personalization: Using machine learning, the content management system personalizes jobs, events, images, and content as the visitor interacts with your site and continues to provide information.

Chat assistant: The proprietary chat assistant, integrated fully with the CRM and career site, supports lead and resume capture and a fully-automated screen to offer processes for high-volume hiring.

Video interviewing: Integrated with the CRM, teams can access and request virtual interviews and assessments from the CRM profile, plus auto-trigger virtual screenings of recommended candidates by job or pipeline.

True-path analytics: One single data structure across every module, including CRM and programmatic advertising, provides visible, influence-based reporting from every single source talent and recruiters touch.

More than 150 companies, including Ecolab, UCLA Health and Sky, are now utilizing SmashFlyX. The platform is ATS agnostic, integrating with more than a dozen of the most utilized mid-sized to enterprise applicant tracking systems.

Take a look at the SmashFlyX talent marketing platform here.

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Symphony Talent is a global leader in transforming employer brand experiences through talent marketing software and services. Its talent marketing platform, SmashFlyX, unifies CRM, career site, talent mobility and programmatic advertising to help talent acquisition leaders automate tasks for efficiency and empower teams for interaction. Symphony Talent has won major awards in creative and employer brand services for EVP strategy, employer brand campaigns, career site design, and more. The company supports more than 600 customers across the globe, with headquarters in New York, London, Bangalore, and Belfast. Visit to learn more, and follow us on Twitter @SymphonyTalent and @SymphonyT_EU.

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