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Symphony Talent Appoints Chief Joy Officer to Elevate the Recruiter and Candidate Experiences

Danielle McClowJuly 21, 2022News

Debbie Tuel brings 15 years of recruitment marketing strategy expertise to the industry-wide movement to get people back to work faster and with an exceptional experience.

NEW YORK and LONDON, FEBRUARY 9, 2021Symphony Talent , a recruitment marketing technology company that helps talent acquisition teams automate tasks and empower interactions, announces the appointment of Debbie Tuel as Chief Joy Officer. The role denotes the company’s commitment to promoting a more dignified hiring experience for candidates and building technology recruiters love to work in.

Since joining the recruitment marketing industry in its earliest stages, Tuel has guided many of the country’s most prominent enterprise organizations to look beyond legacy job boards and adopt strategic recruiting tools and technologies that lead to deeper talent insights, efficient use of time and resources, and better hires. Her previous roles include Vice President of Client and Partner Strategy at Symphony Talent, Head of Technical Sales and Client Strategy at SmashFly and Managing Director at

“From our customers’ inevitable quick pivots at the onset of the pandemic to organizations beginning to rebound this year, the work we do in recruiting and hiring is critical to our collective healing and re-growth,” said Tuel. “I’m honored and humbled to take on this role to create a more dignified experience for both recruiters and candidates and help bring back the concept of joy in one’s work to the millions of people who are still experiencing the worry and stress of unemployment.”

In partnership with Symphony Talent’s customer community and industry peers, Tuel will lead The Joy Pipeline initiative, a call to action to provide exceptional hiring experiences that help people get back to work faster, especially those reporting job loss during the pandemic who are more likely to feel symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder. In addition, the Chief Joy Officer will continue to counsel recruiting teams to more impactfully match, manage and market to job candidates with Symphony Talent’s recruitment marketing platform, SmashFlyX.

The vision for The Joy Pipeline is directly aligned to recent SmashFlyX product releases, including:

  • Sourcing assistant that enables sourcers and recruiters to pull public digital profiles from tools like LinkedIn and Indeed directly into the SmashFlyX CRM
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion browser plug-in that helps employers identify, filter and correct bias in candidate-facing content
  • An easy apply option to allow job seekers to quickly apply on Indeed or career sites using their existing profiles
  • A web-sourcing integration to search for profiles in the Indeed database and communicate with candidates to encourage them to apply to specific open jobs

According to the 2021 Recruitment Marketing Strategies Report, only 7% of Fortune 500 employers communicate with candidates with any content besides job alerts, and less than one-third were transparent about the hiring impacts of Covid-19 on their career websites. This lack of communication adds to the adverse effects of unemployment on candidate morale and leads to widespread dissatisfaction with the entire hiring process and subsequent negative perception of the brand and impact on their business.

Conversely, leveraging SmashFlyX career sites and candidate relationship management (CRM) technology, talent acquisition leaders can pivot to market conditions as needed to build personalized relationships at scale, so every candidate remains engaged and informed.

To learn more about how a strong tech foundation leads to recruitment marketing agility, join the live webinar on Wednesday, February 24 with Kerry Noone, CVS Health director of employer branding and recruitment marketing, and Brandy Ellis, Symphony Talent head of recruitment marketing strategy and services,

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