Regis Corporation

The challenge__

As a service business, Regis Corporation’s success hinges on high-quality, high-volume hiring. While the demand for stylists is forecasted to grow, the number of new cosmetology graduates is declining. Couple the high competition for stylists with licensed professionals who are required to participate in a one- to-two-year program and as many as 2,000 continuing education hours, the challenge of hiring stylists for the industry’s largest employer is formidable. To address this, Regis needed a holistic talent strategy that prioritized the candidate experience and simplified the complex corporate and franchise hiring model across multiple brands. 

The solution__

Initially, Regis followed a traditional hiring model, using an ATS system and recruiters. By all accounts, the model, like so many other retail talent acquisition models were underperforming. Jacob Kramer was hired as the Associate Vice President of Talent Acquisition due to his in-depth experience and vision, which involved shifting Regis’s talent acquisition model to a high-performing, data-driven, digitalized solution. Kramer partnered with Symphony Talent, enlisting XCloud® as part of its new, sophisticated recruiting model. Kramer’s approach involved a recruiter-less, data-driven, solution. Targeting passive, licensed individuals at a high volume, it provides a single source of hiring for all of brands, while producing quality candidates at numbers not previously seen. Additionally, Symphony Talent designed and built the Regis Career Website to house all corporate and franchise jobs. It features built-in lead capture capabilities, along with a highly targeted media optimization strategy. The automation, smart spend, programmatic media and artificial intelligence-based solution completely automated the pipeline and recruiting process. This allowed hiring managers to do what they do best: close the deal and provide an over-the-top candidate experience. 

The Results__

Regis now recruits licensed individuals at a high-volume in an extremely competitive space, without a single recruiter. Hiring managers are reaching out to pipelined candidates within 24-to-48 hours, which translates into a huge boost in recruiting results. Regis is also able to achieve its recruiting goals at scale. It also saw an 86 percent reduction in hiring time. By utilizing artificial intelligence, Regis’ employee referrals went from minimal participation to approximately 10 percent of all applications. Jacob Kramer, Regis Corporation’s Associate Vice President, Talent Acquisition, was recently named one of the “32 Under 32 ” thanks to his role in spearheading these unique initiatives. The “32 under 32” award recognizes individuals who push beyond what’s asked of them in order to disrupting the status quo. These are the early risers and late-nighters — after-work hustlers and the opportunity seekers.