The challenge__

Abcam is a truly international life-sciences e-commerce company (often referred to as the Amazon of Antibodies), which has operations across the UK, US, Japan and China. They came to us with the challenge of creating an EVP and careers website that would be equally global in scale. One of the primary aims was to produce something that would showcase their incredible talent while also providing consistency in the way they were positioned as an employer, both internally and externally.

The solution__

Our solution is very much user-centred, with an intuitive design that allows visitors to explore the areas that are most applicable to them and content that is tailored to the relevant audience, whether scientific or non-scientific. Real Abcam employees feature heavily on the site. Into their hands are placed hand-drawn interpretations of the company’s products, emphasising the potential impact each individual can have.

The Results__

The platform we have created for Abcam provides more than just a return on investment. It’s a means for showcasing who they are, what they stand for, and the incredible talent who make it all possible. Plus it’s delivered some amazing results. Since the site’s launch in June 2016, there have been 47,080 visits to the site (67% of them new visitors). We have also seen a big increase in engagement, with dwell time rising to 2m 25s and users now viewing an average of 3.9 pages per visit.

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