More Than a Resume

Pre-apply, our on-demand interviewing helps you better understand your candidates and pipelines. Post-apply, our assessments help you qualify hires.
And every insight lives in one platform.

We empower recruiters to hear, see and “meet” talent earlier in the process, plus strengthen candidate profiles at scale for future hiring.

LISA BORDINAT, Lisa Bordinat, EVP, Global Customer Operations and Assessments

We’ve expanded the power of assessments and skill qualification within the CRM, not just the ATS.


Once a pipeline in the CRM hits a certain quantity or engagement score, you can use workflows to prompt talent to answer a few questions pre-apply.


For high volume or high priority talent that engages the chat assistant, it automatically triggers initial skill and qualification questions for the role.


Send on-demand video assessments for critical roles in order to gauge fit and fast-track the application, then revisit in the CRM contact record.


Source talent from pipelines more thoroughly with resumes, skill assessments, on-demand interviews and audio screening.


Strengthen your understanding of talent leads and applicants, with engagement score, skills qualification and assessment data all in the CRM.


A Stronger Candidate Profile

Convenient for candidates with self-guided questions and no app downloading necessary. Efficient for recruiters with interview templates and CRM workflow integration.

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Complete the Picture

Across verticals, roles, languages and skills, we’ve worked with thousands of businesses globally to implement assessment processes that positively affect organizational success.

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How We Use AI

Our proprietary algorithm is a starting point for scoring fit and skills in video interviews. To eliminate bias, we use natural language processing to assess, not expressions or mannerisms.


Organizational Experts

From competency modeling to custom test development to performance evaluation, our PhD consultants support your assessment creation and strategy to hire game changers for your business.