Project Description

Unilever Case Study


We launched #RealCareers, a powerful multi-channel digital campaign that takes on cliche to showcase the reality of Unilever’s Future Leaders Programme.

The Challenge

To develop an innovative graduate campaign that would raise awareness of Unilever’s Future Leaders’ Programme in Europe and position them as a top employer. Our research revealed that, for this particularly audience, authenticity matters. So the campaign needed to showcase real life at Unilever,

eschewing posed, stock-shot-style photography in favour of user-generated content delivered through digital channels. This way, the conversation would remain honest and authentic, and the audience would sense the purpose that drives Unilever’s work.

The Solution

#RealCareers is a powerful multi-channel digital campaign that contrasts the unrealistic, uninspiring tropes of typical graduate recruitment photography with the much more exciting reality of life at Unilever. The campaign features 10 UFLPs from across Europe who are filmed parodying some of the unintentionally amusing aspects of stock photography before going on to create their own content about what a career at Unilever is like. No scripts. No stock shots. Just real people sharing their own fantastic stories. As well as the individual videos and an overarching launch video, the campaign features LinkedIn blog posts and a series of videos in which UFLPs read and respond to real Glassdoor reviews.

The Results

We tracked results across Unilever’s regional careers pages as well as the global careers page. The results were impressive.

  • 1.7 million total reach
  • 800,014 total views
  • 31,300 link clicks
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