Project Description

Nexans Case Study


Our unique microsite took users on a global, CGI-enabled journey – using programmatic and retargeting techniques to smartly serve relevant content to the right people.

The Challenge

Nexans are one of the biggest companies you’ve never heard of. And that’s no surprise when the people who work there don’t speak about their work and certainly not their industry.

Why? Because making, selling and installing cables is decidedly unglamorous. We heard time and again from people in the company, industry and beyond that it’s ‘traditional’, ‘old fashioned’ and that working in it would be ‘dull’.

So, we were asked to challenge this perception with a brand experience that would not only tell our audience about the exciting projects Nexans make possible, but do so in a way that totally disrupts conventional communication in the space.

All with the aim of building Nexans’ reputation among potential employees, while developing a sense of pride among those who already work there.

The Solution

Instead of ignoring the fact that the majority of our audience dismiss the idea of working in the cables industry, we decided to embrace it.

We understood that we needed to convince people that Nexans is a vibrant place to work full of interesting projects, but we also needed to convince ourselves. So we created a campaign to do just that, eventually concluding that a career in cables is Amazing, Actually.

The campaign included

  • An interactive CGI enabled tour led by a charismatic but disillusioned tour guide, who whisked users to unexpected destinations of their choosing via Nexans cables. They discover some pretty amazing projects with each choice they make. Heavily relying on CGI, performance and precise sound design, each location is crafted to realistically represent the place. Convincing the guide and, hopefully, the participant that a career in cables is pretty amazing along the way
  • A microsite – took users on a journey across the world and of Nexans projects, including the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, a canoe on the Amazon river and the rooftops of Dubai.
  • A range of video, gif and still image content promoted the microsite through social and digital media. A programmatic and retargeting approach was used to serve our content to appropriate professionals across LinkedIn, Facebook and banner advertising.

The Results

These figures are correct as of November 2018 up until February 2019.




users returned to the site


dwell time on the microsite
On average users completed the full tour

*Dwell times over two minutes are considered outstanding