Project Description

Medstar Washington
Hospital Center Case Study


We streamlined and revamped talent acquisition efforts using trackable, optimized campaigns backed by real-time data.

The Challenge

MedStar Washington Hospital Center, a not-for-profit, 912-bed academic medical center, and one of the busiest and largest hospital in Washington, D.C., is consistently recognized as one of the nation’s top hospitals, delivering quality clinical care to patients and the communities it serves. In order to ensure the highest level of care, MedStar Washington Hospital Center seeks the finest health care professionals and provides them with an environment focused on career growth and success.

Today’s changing trends in healthcare delivery require a better strategy for hiring the best specialized talent in fiercely competitive markets such as Washington, D.C. MedStar was having no problem getting responses to open positions.

However, in healthcare recruitment, quality matters much more than quantity. A majority of the applicants lacked the background and skills necessary to succeed. Additionally, the sheer volume of applicants made it difficult for their recruiters to quickly identify and onboard qualified talent. With resources strained and hiring timelines protracted, MedStar needed a solution capable of delivering top candidates quickly and more efficiently.

The Solution

By helping MedStar adjust the media choices to target only the best qualified candidates, Symphony Talent quickly turned the situation around. Symphony Talent helped streamline and revamp the entire talent acquisition process. The team began by analyzing MedStar’s current media plan and collaborating with their Media/Tracking Team to explore buys that would reach the most sought-after candidates. Through our programmatic advertising platform, MedStar was able to create campaigns using real-time data in order to inform ad buying decisions across multiple channels. Branded messaging was tagged, tracked, and continuously optimized to deliver more qualified candidates – faster and more cost effectively. Additionally, Symphony Talent streamlined MedStar’s media buying to focus on hard to-fill positions using programmatic media.

The Results

The new approach improved efficiency nearly 200%, reducing MedStar’s application to hire ratio from 91:1 to 32:1

Symphony Talent helped MedStar reduce:

The number of applications by approximately 35%

Cost per media hire by over 50%

Overall media spend by 36%

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