Mars Case Study


We developed a whole new visual identity and refreshed EVP for Mars – helping the organization express its differentiators and new powerful corporate purpose as part of their employer value proposition.

The Challenge

This year the Mars Corporate Brand was repositioned and redesigned. Unveiling their new positioning line ‘Tomorrow Starts Today’, the challenge for us was to realign the existing Mars Employer Reputation position of ‘Grow Beyond’ with the new corporate brand.

Our objectives were to:

Retain the existing ‘Grow Beyond’ Employer Reputation position and messaging framework, with the language more aligned to the new corporate purpose.

Ensure that all new communications incorporate the new corporate visual identity.

Interpret the new corporate purpose statement to make it relevant for current and potential talent audiences.

The Solution

We explored three potential routes that would execute all of our objectives before landing on one rallying cry. The message we want all current and potential Mars Associates to know is that we work towards the future by taking responsibility now:

Your tomorrow starts today.

This led us to direct our Employer Value Proposition into three pillars which differentiate Mars as an employer. These pillars represent who we are, defines what makes us a great place
to work, and reflect the voice of our Associates.

  • Purpose: Let’s work for the world we want.
  • Development: Let’s build skills for a better future.
  • People: Let’s take on tomorrow together.

Our new visual identity also expresses our personality. Through the custom-drawn shapes of the logo we portray an image that is bold and progressive, yet optimistic and proud. The typography we use enhances our communication through its clear geometric shapes and humanist character.

The Mars green, yellow and white are the primary colours used for backgrounds or in coloured text. We also use a set of secondary colours from the corporate brand colour palette, which play a larger role in our Employer Reputation communications.

The Results

Our candid, human-focused and inclusive photography aims to showcase the daily decisions and long-term achievements of our Associates. These photographs also convey our three pillars through the scenarios and mood they portray.

In print, social assets and video, we make sure all these elements come together in all of our new communications so that the Mars Employer Reputation stays in harmony with the new corporate brand.