We executed a coordinated, global recruitment strategy, while activating — and memorably communicating — FCA’s employer brand.

The Challenge

The merger of Fiat and Chrysler joined companies with over a century of heritage. To maximize the impact of its longstanding history, FCA had to instill employees’ emotional connection to the new organization, while maintaining the pride in the individual brands they work for and drive. Further, while FCA’s consumer brands are household names, other local brands — though well-known in a given market — lack recognition among the broader, global public. Given many

people throughout the world don’t recognize FCA name five years after the merger, it became apparent its employer value proposition required attention. That fact trickled down to its hiring efforts. FCA lacked a coordinated, global recruitment strategy. Each region — and sometimes individual brands — were communicating brand messages inconsistently. Additionally, nothing was in sync — they either lacked HR systems or were using different ones.

The Solution

As part of phase 1, extensive internal and external research was conducted to uncover FCA’s employer brand in North America, leading to employer brand pillars, a rallying cry and creative concepts. It then activated its employer brand through a new, global career website that personalizes the candidate experience based on location and click behavior. After a successful launch in North America, phase 2 kicked in. Global expansion was accelerated to flesh out its employer brand for an international audience. Global focus groups and interviews solidified its employer brand, while helping to pivot its tone and messaging based on local culture and industry. The global career site now provides job search results by acquiring job data from four different Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), while allowing locations that lack a system to manually create and feed jobs directly into the site. Then, jobs collected from various systems are combined into a single job data file. The site automatically personalizes the user experience in three key ways — by location, language preference and click activity. All told, FCA can now serve the appropriate creative, content, and jobs based on that location, conveying its employer brand and EVP in ways that resonate.

The Results

FCA now has consistently — and compellingly — activated its global EVP. Personalization has led to a 24 percent increase in click-to-apply conversion on its career site. Meanwhile, activity from global regions — such as Brazil — has tripled, and activity in Italy has improved from 2 percent to 12 percent (phase 2 over phase 1). Additionally, FCA has experienced a 33 percent increase in global click-to-apply conversion rates. (phase 2 over phase 1). And 52 percent of users who created a profile are actively engaged in ongoing site visits, or by clicking on links in automated emails campaigns.