We helped Ecolab optimize and automate its media spend, overhaul its careers website and better express its employer value proposition through employees’ eyes.

The Challenge

Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services. Around the world, businesses in foodservice, food processing, hospitality, healthcare, industrial and oil and gas markets choose Ecolab products and services to keep their environment clean and safe, operate efficiently and achieve sustainability goals. With 48,000 employees, a 95-year history, more than 8,700 patents and three million customers in over 170 countries, however, it’s arguably the biggest name you’ve likely never heard of. In part, that’s because Ecolab is so diverse. Consumers may know a thing or two about Ecolab — such as the fact its hand sanitizer is ubiquitous in hospitals — but they certainly don’t know its whole story. Another struggle is bringing the

company’s talent acquisition strategy into focus — and into the modern day. From rigid, inflexible legacy contracts that were being maintained to a lack of analytics that could otherwise be used to shape its hiring strategy and a lack of social media to shape brand awareness, there were improvements to be made. Add that to the fact that Ecolab requires a regular pipeline of seasonal employees for some of its jobs, among them pest control services and supply chain positions. Given issues with perception, it seemed job seekers were not necessarily aware of Ecolab, nor did they think about Ecolab when applying many of the jobs that needed to be filled.

The Solution

In order to address some of these pain points, Ecolab recently switched to Workday and enlisted Symphony Talent’s programmatic advertising solution in order to achieve flexible, automated media optimization. By using programmatic media to inform its decision-making, recruiters had more bandwidth, the company’s budget was more transparent and efficiently allocated, and global-level contracts were centralized — and decided upon — based on performance. To address concerns about name recognition, a current website overhaul is underway, one that better tells the story of the company through employees’ eyes, offers personalization and opens the door for enhanced job descriptions. Additionally, a multi-pronged approach to boost awareness is also on the horizon. Then, to address concerns about Ecolab’s social media presence, Symphony Talent launched a career presence on Facebook and Twitter and provided content support for the company’s existing LinkedIn and Glassdoor company pages.

The Results

When Ecolab implemented Symphony Talent’s programmatic advertising platform, hiring campaigns were based on automatic criteria, while clearing the way for completely flexible media buying and a single invoice to simplify payment and budgeting. Now, Ecolab has transparency into analytics at the job level. Its site is automatically optimized on a per campaign basis, and apples to apples comparisons are automatically applied on a weekly basis. That transparency enables Ecolab’s hiring team to make informed decisions. It also better positions the company to hire for hard-to-fill, high-turnover roles, such as pest service specialists, sales and service roles, field technicians, engineering, ongoing supply chain needs and truck drivers. Meanwhile, campaigns that were designed to reach, educate and convert targeted audiences to sign up in Ecolab’s Talent Network are seeing notable results. Ecolab’s social followers are growing at a rate of 40% per month, and they’ve generated two million impressions worldwide. Plus, the company has seen a 25% increase in Talent Network sign-ups. Soon, drip campaigns and microsites will further support hiring and name recognition efforts as well.