SmashFlyX Programmatic Job Advertising

In Sight,
Out of Mind

What if you could trust tech to execute your entire advertising strategy?

You can: our programmatic job advertising helps you control and see every ad, every campaign, and every job req you’re funding. But you’ll never need to, because it runs and adapts itself better than you can. No offense.

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Our National Signing Day campaign was so successful because we activated our employer brand seamlessly across all channels and then brought the campaign to life in our stores.


Self-Optimizing Campaigns

Automatic and Programmatic

No manual work necessary, ever. Our recruitment advertising solution automatically scans your open jobs. Suggests keywords. Bids and budgets. Targets by channel, occupation and geolocation. And adjusts daily by campaign and job.

See how that impacts your efficiency, costs and hires.

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Hundreds of Billions of Ad Impressions


Our legacy in job distribution has produced global APIs with Google, LinkedIn, Indeed and Facebook, and integrations with thousands of large and niche job boards.

Employer Brand:

We’ve changed the employer brand ad game with automatic capabilities from occupation-targeted to retargeted online display, mobile banners to geo-fencing, and video pre-roll to native.

True-path Analytics

The Holy Grail of Analytics

Forget last click attribution. SmashFlyX provides true-path, unmatched influence reporting. It’s literally the only platform in the industry with a singular recruitment marketing data structure: advertising/media, organic, career site, email, SMS, applies, hires. Yes, we said literally.

Consolidated Billing

Your Peace of Mind

Usually, more ads means more contacts and bills. With us, you have a single home for billing, budgets, spending and reporting, with direct API integrations to third party systems.

Software & Services

Your Partner, As Needed

Symphony Talent combined leadership in employer brand services, recruitment technology and programmatic job advertising to provide the magic of one partner, whether you need it now or later.

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