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A Message from our CEO on COVID-19

To the talent acquisition and HR community:

A lot has changed in the last few weeks — and it’s been an emotional time for all of us.

Like many of you, I tend to use my job as a comfort zone. It’s something I can lean on when my life is unsteady; something I can rely on when everything else feels uncertain. Routine can be calming and reassuring. But as the world continues to shift due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), I stand by this: the work we do is nothing without our health and each other.

I am always a person first and a CEO second. Now more than ever, my thoughts and attention are focused on the wellbeing of the people I care about — my family, friends, employees, and community … including you. It’s why we’ve made the decision as a company to recommend our employees work from home indefinitely and adhere to the advised best practices of sanitation and social distancing.

Social distancing — that’s a newly popular term I’d never heard of until recently. While its importance is paramount, I know we will still find safe ways to stay connected in these challenging times. We need each other more than ever.

In the coming days, I hope you’re able to find some semblance of normalcy and routine to keep you on course. Stay safe and be smart. I’m confident that all our businesses, and the world at large, will get through this. Together.

All my best,


Roopesh Nair

CEO, Symphony Talent

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