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Symphony Talent Releases On-demand Interviewing to Expand Candidate Qualification Beyond the Resume

NEW YORK and LONDON, OCTOBER 27, 2020 – Symphony Talent, a global company that helps organisations transform their recruitment processes and talent experience, released SmashFlyX On-demand Interviewing as part of its recruitment marketing platform. The new module automates one-way video and audio screening and empowers recruiters and hiring managers to “meet” more talent in less time, better evaluating fit and skills.

LinkedIn’s 2019 research revealed 92% of respondents said soft skills are more important than technical skills in driving successful hires. But time-strapped recruiters take an average of just 7.4 seconds to scan a candidate’s resume, which largely only focuses on experience and technical skills.

Picture of laptop screen showing SmashFlyX's on demand interviewing features. A question has been posed and the candidate is responding via video.

Other key features of SmashFlyX On-demand Interviewing include:

  • Audio screening: Candidates can turn off video and recruiters can save hours on phone interviewing while removing another layer of initial bias like appearance and attire.
  • Pre-configured question library: With a 500+ question library built by Symphony Talent’s I/O psychologists, teams can find and scale specific interview approaches and customize templates for future use.
  • Custom branding: Teams can continue their career site and recruitment marketing branding by customising the entire on-demand interview experience.

Demo the SmashFlyX CRM and On-demand Interviewing here.

More About Symphony Talent

Symphony Talent is a global company that helps organisations transform the recruitment and talent experience with technology and services. Its talent marketing platform, SmashFlyX, unifies CRM, career site, talent mobility, and programmatic advertising. Symphony Talent has won major awards in creative and employer brand services for EVP strategy, employer brand campaigns, career site design, and more. The company supports 600+ global customers, with headquarters in New York, London, Bangalore, and Belfast. Visit symphonytalent.com to learn more, and follow us on Twitter @SymphonyTalent_ and @SymphonyT_EU.

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